Rebecca and Derek

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How We Met

In the summer between junior and senior year of high school, Derek and I were set up on a blind date with a group of friends. We were “matched up” because of our height and our involvement in basketball. When we met in person, the first words Derek said to me were, “Hey, we have the same birthday.” It was unexpected, and it made me laugh. And he’s been making me laugh ever since.

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How They Asked

For our 10-year anniversary trip, Derek convinced me that we were staying at two different resorts in Belize: The Sleeping Giant Lodge & Jaguar Reef Resort, both owned by The Belize Collection. He was given the opportunity for a content exchange with the team at The Belize Collection to comp our entire trip. Which I knew about…

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What I didn’t know was that there was a secret second content exchange with the owner of Little Peter Oasis, a private island about 20 miles off the coast of Belize. When we arrived at what I thought was our second destination, Jaguar Reef Resort, he admitted that we were actually getting picked up by a boat to take us to our own private island. After finally getting my emotions in check, we arrived at our over-water-bungalow on a private island with a personal concierge and chef.

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After taking in the absolutely stunning views and island tour, the Little Peter Oasis team presented us with an intimate balcony dinner with champagne and floral decorations. Derek walked me out to the surprise setup and then asked me to marry him.

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After almost 10 years together, I built this moment in my head and Derek surpassed all my expectations (per usual). I can’t wait for this next adventure in our life together.

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Special Thanks

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