Rebecca and David

how we met

We met at a Canada Day party through mutual friends. We spent the day talking and flirting and sparks flew along with the fireworks that night. We lived only a couple blocks away from each other so, even though we hadn’t met previously, we started spending a lot of time together. The rest is history!

how they asked

David and Rebecca were at her family cottage with her parents for Canada Day. Canada Day is our anniversary and we were killing a bit of time before dinner so she didn’t think it was overly bizarre when David asked if we could take some anniversary pictures on the dock. Rebecca grabbed her glasses and we went down to the dock. Her parents were playing paparazzi and we were goofing off and then David said: “so the real reason we’re down here is that your parents know, and my parents know, that I would really love to spend the rest of my life with you”. And then he got down on one knee (and she started crying…classic Rebecca) and he asked her to marry him and she nodded and squeaked out the word yes. Rebecca’s parents captured it in photos and video and then once she calmed down a bit we went back up to the cottage so we could call Rebecca’s sister, David’s family, and a couple of close friends. Rebecca’s parents had brought up some bubbly so we drank a few glasses and had a really sweet evening.

Special Thanks

Klava Z.
 | Makeup Artist