Rebecca and Dalton

How We Met

I love to tell this story. Dalton and I met in college when I was a freshman and he was a senior. I was not keen on the idea of dating someone so much older. Dalton asked for my number six times before I finally gave it to him. I figured if he wanted my number that bad to keep asking he could have it!

how they asked

When I woke up December 9th, I thought I was going with my parents to check on our family home in North Carolina. Little did I know that Dalton, his family, and friends were there setting up the most perfect proposal. Hendersonville, North Carolina is one of my favorite places on earth. As a child, my family would spend time there each summer and fall. The area is know for its acres of apple orchards and scenic mountains. As I was driving with my parents to our destination, I kept sending Dalton pictures of the beautiful snow that blanketed the route. I though he was at a cabin with friends for the weekend and no where near snow. As we pulled up to our property, I saw a path in the snow. When I followed the path, I noticed lights set out in the snow. It did not occur to me to read what the lights spelled out until I saw Dalton walking out of the woods. The lights said “Marry Me?” It was the most wonderful surprise. I was in complete shock that he had planned such a perfect event! He got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. Of course I said “YES!”

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