Rebecca and Colin

How We Met

We actually met at a work conference in Nashville, which has since become one of our favorite cities. It was an instant connection, that even now is still hard to describe. We’ve been back to Nashville since and it brings back amazing memories!

How They Asked

Well, if we’re being honest, Colin probably proposed about 30 times before the “real” proposal. We knew it was something we wanted, and eventually would happen, so we’d talk about our future like we’d know we’d be getting married. The faux proposals were anything from questions like, “Hey, ya wanna get married?” to “Will you be my wife?” but the most memorable one was the morning before the actual proposal–he threw a Taco Bell Hot Sauce packet (the kind that come with sayings) at me that said “Marry Me” on it. My response was, “Yea, sure!” as I chucked it back at him. Little did I know that he would conjure up the plan to propose during our session with Holly.

They talked the night before at dinner (over Tequila, naturally) and she was completely in on it! Our session was at sunrise, at one of our favorite spots in Oregon, Smith Rock State Park. We knew it’d be a stunning backdrop for photos, and with the golden light and early start, there wouldn’t be many people around. We started the hike into the park–in full hair, makeup, dress clothes, and trail shoes–and hopped the fence for a few quick shots just off the trail.

After a couple of clicks, Holly said to walk towards her, which I did, but then her head started shaking no. I was SO confused. Did I go too far? It turns out, Colin was behind me waving the ring so she’d know it was about to go down…and she was shaking no because, well, I was in trail shoes. I turned around to Colin, getting down on one knee. I’ll always remember his exact words, “Babe, I know I joke a lot, but this one is fo real. Will you marry me?” I was blown away. After a quick “YES!” I exclaimed, “But I’m wearing trail shoes!!” (Holly knows me well!) It was perfect–we laughed, cried, and Holly was there to capture the entire thing.

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Smith Rock State park
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