Rebecca and Cody

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How We Met

I was an awkward young lady in high school, ESPECIALLY around boys. When I saw Cody (a nerdy-looking senior) sitting in the library, I just had to talk to him. Unfortunately, he was just as awkward as me, so nothing happened in that instant, and I didn’t see him again for over a year. I was talking to my friend in chemistry class junior year and she showed me a picture of her new boyfriend. Low and behold, it was Cody! So Cody and I became friends. We were always attracted to each other, but the timing never really worked out for us romantically, but we continued to be friends. I would often joke that we were star-crossed like Romeo and Juliet, never able to be together. I guess the planets eventually aligned because almost exactly seven years after our first interaction, we started dating.

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how they asked

Cody and I’s relationship became pretty seriously pretty quickly, since we had known each other for so long. We had discussed marriage, but no real plans had been made.

An idea came to me. Cody has always been interested in comic books and video games, and I had the idea to make a custom comic book where my proposal would appear on the last page. I quickly realized that I cannot draw more than stick figures, and started scouting the internet to find someone who could help me make it. I stumbled upon a website that makes custom comic books. They took all the details of our relationship and lives (and even inside jokes!) and made a comic book for me.

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Cody is close with the owner of the local comic book shop and has a file there for his subscriptions. I went in and told him who I was and asked the owner if he could put the comic in Cody’s file. He said, of course, and I came up with a ruse of asking Cody to go shopping to me in the shopping center next to the comic book store. I told him that I would reward him for putting up with going to the store by going to the comic book store with him.

We went in and Cody picked up his comics, flipping through them and finding THE ONE. He looked through it with me, smiling and at the end he told me a resounding, YES!

Little did I know, he was also planning to propose to me, and asked me to marry him the next day.

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