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How We Met

Cody and I met in high school. We never really spent time together before Junior year, because we had different friend groups. Cody played soccer, I played volleyball, which is how we kind of met. It wasn’t until Junior year that we really started talking to each other. I always thought he was really cute, but was intimidated by him. For homecoming our junior year, I said yes to going with a friend and Cody had gone with a group of friends. We ended up going to the same after party following the dance and started talking that night. We talked pretty much every day since that night! It wasn’t until after spring break that we started “officially” dating. We both decided to attend college, which started our long-distance relationship. I decided to stay home for school and Cody went away. This long-distance relationship continued for two years, but nothing ever changed between us. We were always super excited to see each other after weeks of not and we both still had butterflies when we saw each other (and still do!). We had talked about getting married, but I never thought that we would be engaged before finishing school. We are super excited that we soon won’t have to say goodbye to each other anymore!

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We have always tried to go to St. Louis every summer for the past four years that we have been dating. Cody is a huge Cardinals fan and I have grown to be a fan too. This trip had been planned since February, because Cody had gotten tickets for his birthday. Cody had brought up the idea of inviting my brother and his girlfriend and of course I agreed to the idea. The day started out very normal. We started our four-hour drive to St. Louis and I had kept asking Cody if he was excited. He always said yes, but it didn’t seem like he was like he usually is when we go. Little did I know, he was extremely nervous! We got to St. Louis, went and visited some tourist attractions (the Budweiser Brewery and of course the Arch) and then it came time to go to the field. Before we started to make our way to the field, we stopped at the car to get all our Cardinals stuff. Cody had asked me to see if there were any clouds in the sky. I thought this was super weird, but did not realize that he was trying to distract me as he put the ring in his pocket. We had gotten to the field and made our way through security. Later, Cody had told me that he did not know how he was going to get the ring through security without me seeing. He had come up with the plan of making me go through first and him last so I didn’t see it (he really thought about everything).

Before finding our seats, we walked around and Cody had pointed out a good spot to take pictures later. I agreed, but didn’t realize what was really going to take place later. We watched the game and were having a good time when my brother and Cody both brought up going to take a picture at the spot Cody had pointed out. It was during the second inning and I felt bad because there were people sitting behind where we were taking pictures. I was apologizing without realizing what was about to happen. Cody suggested that I give my phone to my brother’s girlfriend, which I also thought was weird because my brother had a professional camera with, but I did anyways. We started taking pictures and were almost done until Cody gave me a look, pushed me back a little bit and that was when I knew. I said stop it and immediately started sobbing.

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He couldn’t say anything because he himself was holding back tears. He got up from his knee and I hugged him so tight. He looked at me and asked if that was a yes and all I could do was shake my head! After everything, I was able to finally get a glimpse of my ring. I had lost my grandpa back in November and my mom had always talked about diamonds that she had from him. Cody had gotten one of those diamonds and used it for the center stone. When he told me that, the tears started again. It is so special to have a piece of my grandpa with me every day. We were so thankful that my brother was there to take pictures and his girlfriend got it all on video on my phone. We also had people to celebrate with as everyone around us was cheering. We ended up missing a good portion of the game because we were calling family and friends with our news, but it is a game that we will never forget! We are so excited for next fall and to spend the rest of our lives together!

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