Rebecca and Clay

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Domaine des Hats de Loire in Onzaine, France

How We Met

We both attended Southern Methodist University, had some of the same friends even, but never met until a few years after we both graduated. I was living in Austin, Texas at the time, and Clay was driving down with one of our mutual friends to visit. Another one of our many mutual friends invited me to dinner with them and we instantly became friends. Friends turned into really good friends. For the next 6 months, I would drive back and forth to Dallas to see my best friends, Natalie and Morgan, from college and I would always make a point to see Clay as well. We checked in with each other every so often and developed a strong care for each other and what was happening in each others’ lives. He would always remember something I had told him was going to happen and would always be sure to ask me how it went.

During one of my trips to Dallas, Clay admitted that he couldn’t let me go back to Austin without telling me how he felt about me. We became inseparable ever since. I had maybe 4 trips to Dallas during those first 6 months as friends, but after this moment, both of us took turns driving 3 hours each way to see each other every single weekend. We were so crazy, but so madly in love. When we didn’t see each other on the weekends, we were talking at night for hours over the phone. We never wanted to leave each others’ side. I remember we would wait until the very last minute to drive back to our respective cities, waking up Monday mornings at 5am just to make it to work on time that same day.

You have to understand how amazing Clay is to understand why I did all of these crazy things. Never had I met a man who welcomes my dreams as his own, who rests my fears and insecurities, and inspires me every day with his kindness, loyalty, intelligence, and drive. Clay is the definition of love and integrity. During all this time of driving back and forth to see each other, Clay really believed in my passion for starting a wedding planning business and I had dabbled and planned weddings of friends and worked on events while working at Vogue magazine, but he encouraged me to really go for it – head on. So after just a few months of dating, I moved back to Dallas, found a new home with Clay, and started The Wildflowers full-time. The Wildflowers is a full-service event planning and design company serving clients all over the country. We’ve now been featured in Town and Country magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings magazine, Style Me Pretty, Wedding Sparrow, and more.

how they asked

Clay and I love to travel, so for our anniversary, he planned an elaborate trip to France. First starting in Paris, then Nice, Cannes, Versailles, Giverny, and one “secret” location. He surprised me by taking me to this beautiful maison in the countryside, filled with everything I’ve always imagined to be in Heaven: growing ivy, rose gardens, swans, singing songbirds, rainbows, butterflies, dandelion petals flowing in the wind.. You can’t make this up.

In the rose gardens, Clay got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was so magical, that I was thinking, “Why don’t we just get married here? Right now?” We were in such a magical place, that we wanted so much for all of our loved ones to experience this feeling, too. Clay knew I needed to come down from Cloud 9 before I could make actual plans. So he took me to dinner inside the maison, where they had this beautiful table set up for us by the window. Just as we sat down for dinner, this beautiful butterfly flew inside the house and circled around us for a good minute. I took it as a sign of good luck.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Domaine des Hats de Loire in Onzaine, France

Sidenotes: Clay set up a tripod to take photos. There was no photographer. We were married on May 27, 2017.