Rebecca and Christopher

How We Met

Rebecca accidentally swiped right on Bumble (At least Christopher thinks)! After Rebecca initiated the conversation with a unique and never used “Hi! How are you?!”, she declined dates at the gun range, rock climbing, coffee, and dinner. She did, however, agree to go hiking at the Billy Goat Trail. On our first date, we rescued a lost dog, Benny! A few tears, a lot of Jesus, a lot of laughs, a completely normal amount of Chick-Fil-A, too much sushi, breast cancer, Christopher living in London, 6 countries, and one head nod in DC later, here we are….getting married and so excited!!

how they asked

It’s not unusual for us to go on picnics because Rebecca LOVES picnics! However, Christopher decided to ask me a week in advance, which made me pretty skeptical. I was photographing a wedding the day before and my second shooter asked, ” When do you think you are going to get engaged”? I responded, “He asked me to go on a picnic tomorrow so probably then.” The day turned out to be a rainy one so I was convinced nothing would happen. Around 6:30, Chris came to my desk and asked if I wanted to grab food. I was hesitant and asked if it were okay to just wear gym clothes. He told me, yes, but she was onto him to put on a little bit of a better outfit, but honestly thought the engagement might get rained out. We grabbed Sweetgreen and drove to the monuments.

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I asked many questions and then Christopher told me we were meeting friends and accidentally saw one of her best friend’s names on his smartwatch. I knew it was happening! We ate our salads, laughed and talked. He then said the good old, “let’s go look at the water.” And that is when Christopher got down on one knee! He said, “The first time we were here I thought to myself, I could do this forever and now I want to know if you want to do this forever.” Although I knew it was about to happen, it was still incredibly special and so sweet.

He even had one of my best friends hide in the bush so she could pop out and photograph it (I’m a wedding photographer so this was so important! ). She also brought nail polish lipstick…she knows me well! We are SO BLESSED and crazy excited to do life together forever!!

Special Thanks

Morgan Parsons
 | Photographer