Rebecca and Chris

Engagement Proposal Ideas in My House

How We Met

I had been going to a college group at North Coast Church called The Jordan since I was 19 years old. The Jordan is held Thursday nights, and they have worship, a message, then fellowship after. One night, I stayed a little later and was talking to my friend Michelle. She has an extremely outgoing personality. She can talk to anyone without hesitation. As we were talking, she sees someone walk behind her about to leave. She look at him and yells, “Hey, you! You look new. What’s your name?” He, looking startled, says, “My name’s Chris.” Michelle starts talking to him asking him all kinds of random question about how he found The Jordan. Where he lives. We found out he just moved out earlier that same week from Georgia. Michelle then asks him the catalyst question, “What are you studying in school?” He replies, “I’m and IT major” She then turns around, points at me, and says, “Have you met my friend Rebecca?” (knowing that I’m a computer science major). After that, she turned away and left us alone to talk and we hit it off instantly.

how they asked

Throughout my life, I’ve always been a planner. One day that I planned in my head was my engagement. I wanted it to be a huge surprise. I wanted my future husband to make it special and my two requests were I wanted a candid picture of the proposal and the second was I wanted to see my family after and celebrate. When I started dating Chris, we were both around the age where are friends get engaged. We kept seeing a domino affect during our first year of dating. Proposal, after, proposal, after proposal. Some were on the beach, some at church in front of large groups of people, and some were secluded on the top of a mountain. The Plan Fast forward to September 1st, 2017. This marked our 2 year anniversary of dating. He planned a casual day with activities to do around San Diego. First stop was Donut Bar; we inhaled them in the car. Then we went to Old Town San Diego because I’ve never been there and he said it’s really cute. We drive down, he parks, we get out and start walking around but I woke up with terrible allergies and a sinus infection earlier that morning. We walked outside for about two minutes before I was over it. We sit down in the car and he asked if I’m feeling ok to go to La Jolla Cove next. I say yes trying not to ruin our anniversary plans.

We get to La Jolla, walk around, make fun of the seals, and my allergies are getting worse. He asks me if we can walk a little further towards the beach, I look at him, and say, “Babe, I really don’t feel good. I just want to go home.” He then says, “Please, I really want to get a picture for our anniversary.” I looked at him and I started walking to the car. I ended up figuring out his plan all along that he is going to propose to me here. I got a little mad because this isn’t how I envisioned my engagement. I didn’t want to have a picture of him down on one knee holding out a ring, and me sneezing. I start walking away. We get in the car and by this time I just want to go home. We try to calm down from a whirlwind of emotions. Then we start joking about the whole thing and he says,” Don’t worry. I’ll try something else next time. It just wasn’t the right time.”

We get to my house. I go to the bathroom. He starts thinking to himself, “What is this really about?” “Who are these pictures for?” “Is this about everyone else or is it about us?” I walk out, he looks at me, smiles, tears in his eyes, and gets down on one knee and proposes to me at my house. No cameras, no huge elaborate plan, just him and I enjoying the moment. I have to admit, it was way better!!