Rebecca and Chris


How We Met

Chris and I were actually friends for 2-3 years before we got together. Being friends first want we really got to know each other and by the time we had our first kiss, we both knew it was going to be forever!

how they asked

The proposal was absolutely perfect. We were in London for my birthday and I had gone down on the train with Louie  (our 6 month old son) on the Wednesday afternoon, meeting Chris down there as he had a meeting in London Wednesday morning.

On the morning of my birthday Chris had had all my presents delivered to the hotel so I was able to open them on the day, which was of course so thoughtful of him. We had breakfast at the Mayfair Hotel where we staying and we then went to Harvey Nichols to do a bit of shopping, We then had a few cocktails at Harvey Nichols (possibly to calm Chris’ nerves, but I was completely unaware of this at the time!).


Chris had told me him and his dad used to go to a restaurant in Hampstead (North London)  when he was younger and so suggested that we had lunch there as a trip down memory lane for him. It wasn’t until the next day I found out this was a fib just to get me in the right location! Chris has actually been chatting to Proposal Planners in London called The One Romance who helped him plan his proposal and they had come up with this perfect excuse to get to me to the right place at the right time! Cunning!!


It was a gorgeous sunny day and so after lunch Chris suggested walking through the park to London Zoo (thankfully I’m not very good with directions or where I am so I had no idea that we were in fact in the wrong park for London zoo)! As we walked through the park, I was still completely oblivious. Even to the point where I saw the band stand, I thought it looked lovely but had no idea it was for me!


Unbeknown to me, Chris had had the bandstand completely decorated for me. There were coloured pom pom and fans, beautiful flowers, rose petals, and a huge 6ft love note that Chris had written for me, handing from the bandstand. At this point I STILL didn’t realise it was all for me and ‘t wasn’t until we got onto the bandstand and I saw a picture of Louie that I finally realised that Chris had done it all….and was about to propose.


I looked at the big note and read ‘I love you’ and I instantly shed a few tears, next thing I knew Chris was down on one knee asking me to marry him.


It was all such a whirlwind but absolutely amazing.


It couldn’t have been anymore perfect, he really did think of everything. He even made sure I had my nails done before, he knows me too well!! I’m so glad it was able to involve Louie as well, as that is what made the day so special.





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