Rebecca and Chase

Rebecca and Chase's Engagement in Disneyland California Adventures

How We Met

Chase and I met in October of 2010 at my first job at a local pumpkin patch. To him, I was the “girl with brown hair” and to me, he was the “boy with the hat”. Our conversations with each other were more like shared glances while passing by. We finally exchanged phone numbers the following month and went on our first date in December to TGI Friday’s and Knott’s Berry Farm. On that Christmas Eve, he asked me to officially be his girlfriend. We had been dating for close to six and and half years before he proposed to me.

Proposal Ideas Disneyland California Adventures

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Disneyland California Adventures

how they asked

Chase and I were going to Disneyland that day to celebrate his birthday. The day started out just like every other time we have gone to Disneyland, except he let us wear coordinating Star Wars shirts. We were eating lunch together when he got a random phone call from his “Mom” asking where he was, later I find out that it was actually his friend/photographer calling him. He gets off the phone and says he was to “run to the bathroom” and disappears for what seems 20 minutes. He finally comes back and we head over to The Little Mermaid ride. He points out that there isn’t anyone in front of the Ferris Wheel and suggests that we take a picture of us and our coordinating shirts. We ask a Disney employee to take our picture and we notice that he has Disney pins to trade along with a secret pin that’s backwards on his lanyard. I ask him about his secret pin, and he accidentally drops it on the ground. I see that it’s a pin of Mickey proposing to Minnie, and I then realize what is really going on. I turn around and see Chase down on one knee, and I all remember him saying is, “It’s been a long six years…” and “…Will you marry me?” Holding back all the tears, I said “YES”!

Special Thanks

Bryan Wilson
 | Photographer