Rebecca and Casey

How We Met: Casey and I met in high school youth group at our home parish. We went salsa dancing with a few friends and ended up salsa dancing together all night long. That night my best girlfriends insisted that he had a crush on me (typical high school stuff) and I bashfully blew them off. After months of playing the friend role and waiting for me, we went on our first date and it’s been beautiful ever since that date. We’ve been dating for almost 6 years, and I can say that above everything he is my best friend and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him.

how they asked: Casey and I have been dating 5 years. FIVE YEARS. He is my best friend, best confidant, best support, best cheerleader, and best boyfriend I could ever ask for…and on September 13th, 2013, he proposed!

So obviously, after having dated so long, Casey and I had both discerned and prayed about marrying each other and knew that it was God’s plan for us. Basically, I knew it was coming sometime this year. However, I love Christmas time and thought it would be the perfect time of year to get engaged and also time in my schooling to get engaged. I had even gone so far as to tell friends that he was definitely going to propose December 7th, because he already told me he would be in town that weekend so far in advance. So the week before the proposal, Casey told me he couldn’t come into town that weekend for the A&M v. Alabama football game because he had to work. He was so convincingly upset and I was just sad for him. I whined about it all week.

The week of the proposal, my roommate, Melanie, told my roommates and me that her mom wanted to take us out to a nice dinner as a “thank you” for letting her live with us (like she needs to thank us, Mel totally brings the party to our house)…and we all said “of course!” So on that Friday, September 13th, Melanie told us her mom unfortunately couldn’t make it but gave us her credit card to have a nice dinner (little did I know it was Casey’s…oops)! We decided to dress up, wear our hair down, paint our nails, and basically go all out for our girl’s night dinner. We had so much fun getting ready, dancing and singing in the car, and playing truth or dare at dinner. It was just a perfect dinner with some of my favorite girls.

After dinner, we decided we were going to take roommate pictures outside…Mel’s idea. Of course when she said that, I was being difficult and said, “Mel. It’s going to be dark. That’s dumb.” and her being the on-the-ball thinker she is, responded, “I have a flash on my camera!” I still thought it was dumb. So anyways, we went to a park that my other roommate “friend from class” suggested had pretty scenery. On the way there we SOMEHOW got “lost” twice and ended up taking some pointless pictures by a tennis court to stall time. Haha. We found out way to a lit up gazebo and that’s when I noticed Casey…looking handsome as ever!

With the help of some wonderful friends, he had decorated the entire gazebo like Christmas time complete with Christmas lights, a Christmas tree, pictures of us, candles, flowers, Christmas music playing on a record player, and a handsome man waiting to propose. It was just beautiful.

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He took me by the hands and said really nice things that made me want to say yes. Just kidding. But he did say nice things…and I did say YES!

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Afterwards some of my favorite minions came out of the shadows and claimed they’ve known for months.

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After calling a ton of family and friends, we went back to my house where more friends were ready to party with us.

It was everything I could have wanted and more. To all the family and friends that helped out…thank you. We would not be where we are today with your love and support throughout our whole relationship.