Rebecca and Casey

Rebecca and Casey's Engagement in Big Bear, CA

How We Met

Casey and I met the good old fashioned way… on bumble! Haha I laugh looking back at this because we are both old souls and it is comical that we ended up on dating apps. It all began in Nov of 2017 when I was living and going to college in Las Vegas, NV. I came home to Apple Valley for one of my friends’ weddings and I was sitting on the couch swiping through bumble with my sister for poops and giggles! I knew I wouldn’t meet anyone in that remote area so we were laughing through all the matches. Anyways, Casey’s profile popped up and I immediately said, “STOP, this one is cute.” I looked through his profile and was immediately excited at how handsome he was, how attractive his smile was and that he had his family photos on there. He stood out from the rest. Fast forward to 1 week later, I got a notification while in Vegas that I had an out of range match, I was confused because I hadn’t been active on the app since my sister and I were playing around with it. So I looked at my phone and it was Casey! I am so lame and we still laugh about this today because my first message to him was, “Hi I am Rebecca, nice to meet you. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” Like who am I? anyways he responded with a typical Casey response of “so I’m being interviewed now?” And I was mortified haha fast forward to not so much communication for a couple weeks, some texting here and there and then we finally arranged a FaceTime meeting. We FaceTimed after I had worked an 8 hour shift and was totally a mess. I had a hoodie on, my hair was in a bun and my face was greasy… but I figured that if he was going to like me, he would like me for me.

I guess he did, we talked on FaceTime that night for 4 hours and it seemed as if I had known him my whole life. Casey invited me up to Big Bear to go hiking and watch the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony in the village and I accepted.

We instantly connected on social media platforms (to do the obvious stalking) and we had 1 mutual friend on Facebook, her name is Dakoda! I played soccer with her growing up and Caseys family has known her family since birth, a whopping 25 years! This gave me more assurance that at least he wasn’t a serial killer!

So fast forward to December 2, I went up to big bear and didn’t tell my parents the whole truth of how we met because I didn’t want them to worry about me. I told my sisters what I was doing and it was ok! So I got up to the mountains and met him at their favorite Mexican restaurant, Azteca. I met his brother who was visiting out of state and we all sat and chatted for a little. Then Casey hopped into my little Honda Fit and grabbed my phone, went into my music and played Florida Georgia Line…like as if he had known me for ages. Looking back that’s the kind of person he is, he will make you feel comfortable and safe no matter how long you have known him and he is always welcoming.

Anyways, we hiked a trail called Cougar Crest which has become our favorite hiking trail. We chatted the whole way and laughed about our lame bumble conversation. We talked about typical things but something that stood out was his confidence and his smile. Every single person we passed on that trial he said hi too… I was shocked. And he is still like that.

After the hike got dark half way through, I made it out alive and we got in the car. He said “I need to go to my house and grab a sweater before we go see the tree lighting can you take me there?” And I said, “of course, where is it? Do you live on your own?” And he said, “nope it’s my parents house I’m moving out next week.” And my first thought was “oh… my… god I’m about to meet his family and all 7 of his younger siblings on the first date…” I instantly became nauseated and so nervous. But I drove us there and tried to stay in the car, he told me to get out and come in and say hi. This was my face. Anyways, I met his amazing mom who has become so dear to me, his sweet younger siblings who were 3 & 5 at the time and instantly was taken upstairs by his younger sister to see her dolls. I could see where he got his welcoming character from.

After meeting his family we went to the village, missed the tree lighting ceremony and decided to get ice cream from the candy store because… SURPRISE his sister and cousin work there and he wanted me to meet them too.

After getting free gelato, he was hungry so he took me to get pizza at our fav spot Maggios. As soon as we walked in we were greeted by the whole staff and the owner who knows casey comped our dinner… my first thought was “Who In the heck is this guy?” He is perfect.

We talked more and my nose and upper lip was sweaty because I was so dang nervous. I couldn’t even tell you what we talked about but I remember feeling very at peace. I took him home and I drove down the mountain.

After that first date I was blown away… I didn’t even know if I was in his league. He was athletic smart funny and a stellar Christian man. But I got a message in the morning asking if he could pick me up and take me to dinner and of course i accepted! I hadn’t had a guy pick me up from my parents house… like ever? Haha so it was fun to get dressed up, have him meet my dad, shake my dads hand and open my car door for me. (Which he still does every single time we leave or go somewhere) After that we planned our first Disney trip and the rest is history. We have been together for almost 2 years now and we still look back and laugh about how things started so quickly but have no regrets about it!

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How They Asked

Casey and I have been talking about how important marriage is since we met. I made it clear to him at the beginning that I had had my heart broken and I was not going to date for fun, but I want to date because I was serious about committing myself to the right person. I wanted love. He was on the same page so this topic was not a foreign to us. It didn’t help that EVERYWHERE we went everyone was always asking us when we were going to get married. Along with this in the last year we have been to almost 10 weddings together… if that doesn’t put it into perspective idk what will!

Anyways, we went ring shopping and did the typical share Pinterest rings with each other. Casey texted me 2 weeks prior to the engagement and said that he wanted to have a day for just us before he left for a 2 week military exercise. This isn’t out of the ordinary because we always plan dates so I was excited. He said he wanted to hike cougar crest because it had been a while since we did it and we wanted to take the new puppy with us. (Also not abnormal we hike all the time) so I didn’t think anything of it! I brought my typical hiking gear and Casey was as normal as can be all morning. I didn’t suspect a thing.. I was on puppy duty because the last time we hiked we saw a rattle snake so my concern was rattle snake and puppy not an engagement lol

Whenever we hike cougar crest, we always reminisce about our first date because it was the best first date ever! So we did and we laughed and talked the whole way as usual. Hiking is an outlet for us because it’s where we talk about our dreams and do a checkin with each other. Something about nature is so peaceful.

About 2 miles into the hike, there was a sign hanging on one of the trees. At first I didn’t really pay attention and I didn’t have my glasses on so I couldn’t read it… I got closer and it said “Girl, it’s high time I tell ya..” and I asked him what that was, he said he didn’t know and kept walking. I was thinking that I knew what that quote was but couldn’t put my finger on it plus It’s not abnormal for people to hang random stuff in the forest so I thought “hmm.. maybe some hippie was just being creative” so then we continued and there were about 8 more signs with more song lyrics, but I couldn’t figure out what song it was. About half way through I figured out that it was our song “I’ll name the dogs” by Blake Shelton but I still didn’t think it was a proposal and I was still very confused because casey had a poker face. He didn’t smile, he didn’t say a word, it was WEIRD. After passing the other lyrics and me asking him if this was his doing or what was going on and NO response, we kept hiking. At this point I was thinking, gosh what if this isn’t even my proposal ?

So we got up to the lookout peak and there was a blanket, picnic basket, chocolate covered strawberries, sparking cider and the last sign that said “baby let’s get down to business.” And I turned around and Casey was on his knee, with little tears in his eyes he said “Rebecca will you marry me?” And I cried and said “what the heck, yes of course”. As soon as I said yes, I heard a “click” and I looked over to see our dear friend Emily with her camera taking photos of the whole thing and then I heard bushes moving and his mom and aunt popped out of the bushes!! I began crying more because the whole thing was perfect.

We celebrated and popped some sparkling cider, took Photos and then we spent the day beaming at each other and carving pumpkins! It was the best day ever.

I want to thank his mom, aunt and Emily who planned all of this and made it so perfect! I am so thankful for everyone’s hard work!

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Special Thanks

Emily Jo
 | Photographer
 | Planning
Aunt Stacie
 | Planning