Rebecca and Carlos

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How We Met

Carlos and I met through Facebook in 2010 on a mutual friend’s Facebook status! I’m a Washington Redskins fan & Carlos is a Dallas Cowboys fan and if you know football, these two teams are complete rivals! Our first conversation was an argument over who had the better football team and somehow – we never stopped talking! Our high schools were on the same street so we had a lot of mutual friends and stayed close friends ever since that initial conversation! He always says that although we attended different schools & were dating other people, he always liked me and wanted me to be his girlfriend. 9 years later and I’m going to be his wife! I’m so glad he never stopped pursuing me!

Rebecca and Carlos's Engagement in Nation Harbor

How They Asked

Carlos was so thoughtful with how he asked me to be his wife! It was a complete dream and I couldn’t have imagined it any other way. The week leading up to the proposal, I had this gut feeling that it was going to happen because it was the week of our 4 year anniversary! I called my sister and best friend (who knew the entire time) and the completely shut me down! They made me believe that there was NO way it was going to happen that week – even Carlos told me he hadn’t bought a ring yet because financially he wasn’t there yet. I was so discouraged and sad because I had gotten my hopes up… little did I know he was planning the surprise of a lifetime! On Friday, June 28,2019 Carlos and I went to the National Harbor which is the place we go to every anniversary since that’s where he asked me to be his girlfriend in 2015. We went to dinner & I noticed he was SO nervous! He was drinking so much water – like TOO much water and was on his phone a lot. I tried not to think much of it since everyone told me it wasn’t happening! I also forgot to mention that every year, Carlos and I write a hand written letter to each other (this is important). So once dinner was over, we took a walk to the Ferris wheel and as we were walking, Carlos goes “oh! I forgot, here is your letter, read it now!” And I’m a bit confused since we are in the middle of a walkway with people all around us, but he insisted. So as I start reading the letter, Carlos is taking a box out from his pocket and at the very end of the letter it said, “Rebecca, this is the exact place I asked you to be my girlfriend… so do me a favor, look down, and say yes…” and there he was! On his knee, and with teary eyes, a shaky voice, but with a hopeful smile says “Rebecca, will you marry me?” And as I nodded and said YES! I look up and see my entire family in front of me screaming, shouting, jumping, and rushing over to hug the both of us. Family means everything to me so the fact that Carlos asked both of our families to be present for this very moment made it clear – he is the one!

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