Rebecca and Bryan

Image 2 of Rebecca and Bryan

How We Met

Bryan and I met while working together at a local restaurant. He seemed like a pretty normal guy, but I knew he liked me because he would always stay later just to talk to me instead of going home. I specifically remember one night we had finished closing up the store and we said goodbye and he drove off. I was having a pretty bad night so I was just sitting in my jeep for about 10 minutes listening to music to cheer myself up. Next thing I know I see Bryan pull around the corner and park next to me. We sat in my Jeep talking forever, and he said he just had a very strong feeling that I was still there and that he needed to come back to see if I was okay. I am so glad he did because it’s been history ever since.

how they asked

We absolutely love to hike and explore nature and decided to go on hike on our anniversary to a nearby waterfall. I was sitting on a rock looking at the sky and waterfall and Bryan was sitting on the ground in front of me. We were there for a little bit when he finally pulls out this beautiful ring and asked me to marry him. It was the most perfect proposal, and very special for both of us.

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