Rebecca and Brendan

How We Met

We met through the Plenty of Fish dating app. We were both ready to throw in the towel and take a dating hiatus, but our last “match” was meant to be! We had our first date just a few nights after we first engaged in conversation, and I left that night sending a message to my family, “Date went great. Pretty sure I’m going to marry him.”

How They Asked

We met through Plenty of Fish and we both knew instantly that we were meant to be. A year after we started dating, he asked both of my parents for their blessing; all unknown to me! Of the two of us, I am the outgoing, party planner, and he is my down to earth, introverted partner. I had a brilliant idea to plan our first annual hog roast and invite all of our friends and family to attend the event. We had about 150 people come through the night. We had set up the yard to be a unique, farm party. It was beautiful.

Where to Propose in B&B's First Annual Hog Roast (on our farm)

When suddenly, he gets my attention and when I turn around, there is a crowd of about 50 people staring at us! The absolute last place I thought my shy guy would ever propose, but I was so excited and it took me less than two seconds to say YES!

Rebecca's Proposal in B&B's First Annual Hog Roast (on our farm)

The best part, all of my friends and family were there; the challenge, we have now set a very high standard for future hog roasts! :) We will be getting married about a year from when he proposed; which also happened to be on my parent’s 34th wedding anniversary. It was their best one yet!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in B&B's First Annual Hog Roast (on our farm)