Rebecca and Brandon

How We Met

September 2014: It’s a match! We both swiped right and that’s where our story begins.
Brandon had just started school at West Point and wasn’t able to go home to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving. I felt bad he was going to be alone so I invited him to have dinner with my family. I made sure they knew that he was NOT my boyfriend. I really wasn’t interested in him.. but after he left that weekend, I really missed him and knew that I had to see him again.
Fast forward through 4 years of West Point and here we are!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in My bedroom

Where to Propose in My bedroom

Rebecca and Brandon's Engagement in My bedroom

Marriage Proposal Ideas in My bedroom

how they asked

May 2018: When it came to his proposal, he had a lot planned out without giving me a clue. He took both of my parents to lunch one day and asked them if he could marry me. He was so nervous, he ran to the bathroom to practice what to say! They both gave him their blessing, and with a ring in the works, he began planning the perfect proposal. He was teaching me how to ride a motorcycle and that seemed to be the perfect opportunity for him to propose. Little did he know that inclement weather and a hot summer were not my favorite days to practice! He tried and tried, thinking time was running out for him.

Three attempts later… Finally, on May 17, 2018, he got his chance. It was a beautiful day and although he could not time the proposal with me riding the motorcycle, he was able to distract me with pictures that my mom wanted to take with our adorable new puppy. He held the ring box behind his back while I was in front of him, and things seemed to be in place! But, whether it was nerves or intuition, I turned to see what was behind his back and all he could do was chuckle in despair! I ran inside to my room thinking I had just ruined everything, and that’s when he walked in with roses in his hand.

He pulled out the ring box, and he asked me to marry him in my bedroom. He was so nervous that he had the ring box backward, and in my tearful state I couldn’t help but laugh, hug and kiss him!! I said yes!!!!

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