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How We Met

Tony and I (Rebecca) met in College when we both attended Indiana University, Bloomington. It happened when the two of us were randomly paired as “homecoming buddies” when his fraternity, Acacia, and my sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha, were paired during Indiana University’s 2010 (our sophomore year) homecoming week (refer to red wrestling singlet photo…). We often laugh and thank the social chairs of our houses for randomly pairing us up. While Tony says he’s loved me since the moment he met me, we simply remained friends for a couple years after that fun week. I thought he was such a nice, sweet, cute and fun young man and noticed everyone around him loved him. But little did we know, they weren’t meant to be “just friends.” Fast-forward to two years later when my winter formal was coming up and I did not know who to take.

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My lovely friend Natalie suggested I take Tony Hughes to the formal because we’ve been “good friends and he’d be so fun.” So like the determined person I am, I sent Tony a text asking him what he was doing next Friday night, to which he replied, “nothing that I know of,” and to which I replied back “Okay good, you’re going to my winter formal with me : )” We casually texted throughout winter break and since we were heading into our last semester of senior year and I didn’t know where I would be after graduation, the two of us casually hung out and got to know each other for the first couple months of second semester. It was time for my pledge class’ senior date trip to Gatlinburg, TN., and I knew I wouldn’t enjoy it with anyone besides Tony. By the end of that first weekend in April, we would become inseparable, despite not knowing or caring where either of us would end up after college.

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Tony’s dad laughs to this day about our post-college job offers and how “meant to be” we were and are. I had a job offer I accepted in Chicago and Tony’s was in Fort Wayne, Indiana. But soon after, I received an even better offer in Indianapolis, which was closer to Ft. Wayne than Chicago. Then ironically a few days before I moved to Indy, Tony’s boss called and said there was an opening in Carmel, Indiana. It was indeed meant to be. Fast forward three and a half (quick) years later, Tony took me back to where it all started and where we shared some time together at the end of senior year, IU’s Rosewell House. My family and friends were back in Bloomington to see IU football play Penn State, as my sister and family live in State College (PA) and my sister is a senior at Penn State. I thought it was just a once a year football game we are all going to together like years past. Although Tony had had the ring (secretly) for a few months, he told me an engagement wouldn’t happen for a little while, and I was perfectly okay with that. He told me it wouldn’t be until maybe summertime.

Tony’s mother insisted that my mom and sister capture a family (his two brothers, sister-in-law and parents) Christmas picture at the IU Sample Gates before we went to tailgate at the football stadium. His sister in law brought along a nice camera which she claimed was for this photo (She took all of these). When the “Christmas photo” was done, Tony’s family insisted we walk through campus (in the direction of the Rosewell House little did I know) and take some more photos. Tony, a smart young man, knew I’ve wanted a December wedding since I was a little girl, and so he secretly planned everything perfectly. We kept walking and ended up near the Rosewell House, when I noticed dozens of our friends and family were their holding IU colored (cream and crimson) roses.

To my complete shock (and a lot of ugly crying), Tony got down on one knee in front of everyone, said incredible, thoughtful words of love, and asked her to marry him on 11/12/16 in front of our favorite people and family (including some over FaceTime).

We truly do have the best friends and family, are very thankful, and cannot wait to celebrate. The party of the year, #SayIHughes #HughesiorWedding will be 12/16/17 in Indianapolis.

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