Rebecca and Andrew

Where to Propose in The Mill in Abilene, TX

How We Met

We met the first day of high school. Freshman year we had 3 classes together and saw each other often. We became friends and enjoyed talking occasionally. I dated someone else and Andrew was interested in another girl. The sophomore year rolls around and we were both single. In October I was on the bus on the way back from dancing at a football game and I received a text from my best friend saying, “I think you should date Andrew.” It came out of nowhere but she ended up giving him my number and we started talking. From there we went to a school dance together and started dating a few months later. We went to college together and now we are getting married!! We are SO excited!!

How They Asked

Andrew had been planning our engagement for months and I had no idea! He asked my dad and bought my ring in December and proposed at the end of March. The day of he arranged for me to go shopping with my roommate (I thought we were just going shopping, I didn’t know it was a plot to keep me busy!) and he had all our family and friends come into town.

He picked me up for dinner and we went to our favorite date night pizza place and he told me we were going to do something fun after dinner. After dinner, we went to the Mill which is a fun winery where we live.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The Mill in Abilene, TX

We were walking around the Mill and he leads me to a room covered in rose petals and candles. On a table in the room was a book he made with pictures of us and letters from our family and close friends. I read through the book laughing and crying at the sweet letters and then after I was done reading Andrew got down on one knee and proposed to me! It was the best moment of my life this far and I’m so excited for our wedding day! After he proposed, we went back to my house where all our family and friends were waiting for us! BEST DAY EVER!!