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Proposal Ideas Anchorage, Alaska

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Rebecah's Proposal in Anchorage, Alaska

How They Asked

On Friday, November 30, 2018, our lives were shaken up in more ways than one. That morning, Anchorage, Alaska was hit with a 7.0- magnitude earthquake. Tom was at work while I was at home with our dog Briar when it unleashed a destructive force that was quite debilitating. Most of the power in the city was lost and many people were able to leave work and go home to check on their loved ones and personal belongings, including Tom. Little did I know, Tom had been hiding the engagement ring at work and grabbed it before he left since he had been planning on proposing that weekend before the earthquake hit. When he arrived home, we hugged and kissed one another and were thankful to finally be together.

Once we checked in with each other, Tom preceded to go check on our landlords who lived upstairs. While he was checking on them, a 5.2-magnitude aftershock hit Anchorage and once again knocked us to our core. Tom quickly ran downstairs to check on Briar and I and before I knew it, he pulled the ring out of his jacket and said “I was going to wait until tomorrow, but I just don’t know what’s going to happen” and went down on one knee to propose. I shouted “YES,” and we were engaged. It was the best shock (pun intended) of my life and is a day we will never forget for many reasons.