9 Reasons to Hire a Professional Proposal Photographer

Aside from your wedding day, one of the greatest memories you will have is when you and your significant other decide to spend the rest of your lives together (cue tears). Capturing that moment is something that you can cherish forever and we guarantee it’ll happen quickly. There will be lots of anticipation, emotions, maybe even some shrieks, so being able to relive it is important. If that’s not reason enough and you need a few more, here’s nine more reasons to hire a professional proposal photographer!

1. To avoid photo bombs like this….

Hey, we get easily distracted too, especially when it involves something diamond-y and sparkly. This friendly fellow just wanted to see what the fuss was all about.

2. Or like this…

proposal-funnyPhoto: Reddit.com

It’s, well, all about timing. Let’s leave that to the professionals.

3. Or accidents like THIS:

Photo: Imgur

This groom-to-be opted for a DIY approach. He set up his camera with a timer nearby just before proposing to his girlfriend. Unfortunately a fellow Disney World adventurer stepped in and ruined the shot! It’s a small world after all?

4. Because she’ll want it (trust us!)

Photo by Jesse Legg from this pinterest-perfect proposal.

We surveyed more than 1,000 women about their ideal proposal and learned that capturing the moment with photo and video ranked higher than selecting the perfect ring.

5. because It can still be private…

Photo by Jordan Jameson from this stunning proposal.

Hiring a photographer for your proposal doesn’t have to involve a whole photo shoot (unless you want it too, of course). The proposal can be just an intimate as planned, but now you have some really beautiful photos to treasure forever.

6. So you’re featured on HowTheyAsked.com (duh!)!

Photo by Ty French from this dreamy beach proposal.

We love reading your proposal stories from all over the world and it makes us tear even more when photos are included. Having proposal photos not only help tell the story but also help you share it. Recently engaged? Submit it here!

7. Because you’ll both get swept up in the surprise

Photo by Abi Lewis from this cute proposal.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with emotions and swept up by the surprise, so much so, that some women won’t even be able to remember what happened. A photographer will capture all the moments leading up to the big question, even the ones you forgot because you were too in shock or blinded by your new ring.

8. So you can personalize your save-the-dates

Photo: Minted.com

This creative save-the-date is made with a proposal photo and we think it’s one of the greatest we’ve ever seen. Instead of having to wait for an engagement photo session, you can get them in the mail immediately.

9. And finally… two words: Social Media

Photo by Haley Rynn Ringo from these adorable proposal reaction photos.

When it comes to announcing your engagement on social media a picture really is worth a thousand words. After posting a beautiful backdrop, two big smiles and one sparkling ring you’re soon to receive a zillion “likes” so why not put that photo in the hands of a pro?

Written by Heather Hall