Reanna and Robert

Image 1 of Reanna and Robert

How We Met

Robert and I met on a dating website called Plenty Of Fish. After 3 months talking online we finally decided to meet for the first time and then our love story kept growing from there! We now have been dating for 3 years in April!

how they asked

February family day weekend we went down to Whitefish, Montana with some of Roberts family to get away and relax. On Saturday we were all relaxing at the condo when his older sister Jenn wanted to take her mom, kids and husband to go check out the tennis courts. To me I thought why would they check tennis courts out non of them like tennis. But I was told to stay behind with robert. During that time I was having a nice cold beer and already buzzed. Those who know me I don’t drink haha. I was giddy and wanted to take pictures on the balcony so bad. But Robert kept asking me, “to sit down, just have a seat”. I never seen him frustrated but happy at the same time which was weird. After a few minutes later I thought oh he probably needs to go to the washroom so I can hold his niece who was sitting on his lap. I sat down and Robert sat his niece on my lap. He got really quiet which I thought was odd. He got down on his knee and said nothing but had a huge smile on his face and the ring box opened in front of me! Me bawling and his niece was about to cry then she saw the ring and her face lit up! I couldn’t believe it nor was I expecting it!! Robert leaves the condo and his mom walks in as I was still crying and she says,” what’s wrong Robert came up to me and said I needed to see you and he was serious”. I held out my hand and both of us were crying of excitement!!

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