Reanna and Mitchell

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How We Met

I first met Mitchell in Year 7 of High school when I tried to set him up with my friend. Unfortunately, my friend was not interested in Mitchell but fortunately for me, I became interested in Mitchell and he became interested in me. We started dating for all of year 7, then we broke up at beginning of year 8 because we were too shy to speak to each other in person. During this time, I had missed Mitchell and wished we hadn’t broken up. I was too scared to send him a message, until one day my best friend gave me the courage to message him. We started talking that day and never stopped. Fast forward to a year after and he asked me to be his girlfriend In year 9 on the bus ride home. He would catch my bus with me just to spend extra time with me, even though it meant he had to walk 2km from the bus stop to home. Now fast forward to 6 years later, Mitchell and I just celebrated our 6-year anniversary. We have been on countless holidays together, have our own furbaby “Louis”, and saving for our First home together.

How They Asked

On our 6-year anniversary, we organized to go to the city for the weekend. We had booked a hotel stay in Sydney, but little did I know, that Mitchell was going to surprise me with something else in mind. On Saturday, the day after our anniversary, we went shopping in the city and shopped all day long. Then at 2:30 pm, we decided we had enough shopping because our feet were sore and we had dinner plans shortly after. Upon me opening the door and to my surprise our room was set up with stunning ‘MARRY ME’ letters. Mitchell then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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Of course, I said yes. To top it off, even more, he had, my favorite, chocolate-coated strawberries on the bed waiting for me. Yum! After he asked, he took me up to a rooftop bar where he surprised me once again with his family and mine.

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The night was just so perfect but what made it even more perfect was the nightly fireworks were scheduled for 8:30 pm that night and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Mitchell and My Proposal Co made that afternoon one of the best afternoons of my life.

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