Reagan and Nicholas

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How We Met

Nicholas and I were both attending Grand Canyon University in Phoenix Arizona, where we happened to be living in the same apartment building and caught each other’s eye and knew that was it. Nicholas was in his senior year, studying for his bachelor’s in biology which made his schedule very busy. Nonetheless, he made time to ask me out for coffee. That day we didn’t even notice that hours went by and we had to say goodbye for the night. As I watched Nicholas walk to the end of my hall, he turned and said “I can tell we are going to be best friends”. The days turned into nights and nights into weeks, and all I could remember was my best friend never left my side. We smile when we reminisce through the days when we didn’t realize that a stranger would feel so much like home.

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how they asked

On the day of our 8-month anniversary, Nicholas had it planned for me to be out and about busy with my sister unaware that he was even in the state of California since he recent moved to Arizona for work. My sister and I did our regular things on that Saturday and enjoyed the beautiful weather as we drove up the coast. When our girl’s day seemed to be coming to an end, my sister advised for us to pull over at our favorite lookout in our hometown. To my surprise, my dear Nicholas was standing at my favorite spot in all of San Clemente holding beautiful flowers, with the perfect touch of white rose peddles where our feet met; followed by the words I will never forget.

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Special Thanks

Whitney Darling
 | Photographer