Reagan and Hunter

How We Met: We met actually when I was a freshman in college at the College of Charleston and he was a senior in high school on a Ministry Ski Retreat. We had mutual friends that all went Penquin sliding down an interstate snowed over ramp hill as seen in the picture, this is when we exchanged names. The extent of our meeting this weekend was this short hello then the next day when he wiped me out on my snow board with him and his snowboard.

He said sorry a billion times and if I could have picked myself out of the snow and said you just got swept of your feet literally by your future husband it would be awesome. But at the time I just knew I was sore (Funny thing a year or so later I find out he was trying to flirt and spray me with his board but it slipped out and took me out instead, the Lord has sense of humor.

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Fast forward to when he comes to the Citadel Military College 6 months later and we get set up to go as a kind of blind date to a dance, we knew we had met but never had spoken really till this point. We went to the dance, bald head on Hunter and awful tulle pink dress I found an hour before the dance from a friend, and had a blast.

Over the next 5 years we went through the dating process, learning each other, him teaching me to fish, hunt, ski and so much more and becoming my favorite dance partner. He was a man of God, pursued me consistently, and pushed me to be a stronger woman of faith.

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As much as I never thought I would become one of the Stereotypical Charleston girls with her Citadel man it happened and I wouldn’t change a thing.

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how they asked: So we had been talking about marriage for about a year seriously before we got engaged. My silly prayer to God over and over was if I was to marry Hunter that I would be surprised when he asked.

Leading up to our dating anniversary he was acting super suspicious and odd, making comments that made me wonder if he was going to propose on our anniversary day date he was planning. So the day came, I was so crazy nervous over thinking everything! Outfit, hair, should of paint my nails? At the same time though I was really wanting to not know.

So we met up and he surprised me with Paddle boarding for the day. After we paddle boarded he asked what I wanted to do the rest of the day? I said I don’t know anything you want and he said well that is what he had planned so he was up for anything (we had talked about a nice dinner and stuff earlier in the week but later I found out the ring wasn’t ready and he was planning on proposing but had to scratch).

So I was bummed, then frustrated with myself that I would let myself get so worked up into an idea. So I vented to my friend that night about holding me accountable to not getting my cart before the horse because I was blessed with an amazing guy and the anniversary date was so fun and sweet I didn’t want myself to ruin it. A week later, Hunter had called Thursday night asking if I wanted to go to Shag dancing thing with his friends at a church in James Island. We both love to dance so of course I agreed.

Next day, sick as a dog. I didn’t work Fridays so I slept all day and figured I would throw on a dress and run on the door when Hunter came to pick me up. When he got to the house I was a ball on the couch, he sweetly asked if I wanted to just rent a red box movie and order pizza (bold request since my parents were on the way to Charleston for our engagement).

I said no no I knew he was want to see his guy friends so I asked him to just give me a sec to throw something on. We hit the road. When we got to James Island he said he expected more traffic and we were early and we didn’t want to awkwardly show up before everyone and asked if I wanted to kill time and go walk to our bench at our Park we love near by. 100% nothing in me is even slightly suspicious. We went to our bench and swung and talked for a while as usual, Hunter was not acting off at all.

The girl I am, was got lost in my thoughts swinging thinking I wonder if he even realizes how many moments just happen like this that is such a perfect time to get engaged, we are on our bench, we are in kind of nice clothes for the dance, my boss had paid for all the girls that work together as a good job gift to get our nails done days before, does he even see these things? After venting in my head I come back to reality and just enjoy our sitting time.

He told me he had me a letter he meant to give me the weekend before, he gave it to me and told me I could read it out loud. I thought this was odd but still am not thinking that he is about to propose. The letter was the sweetest but he always does great jobs with his letters talking about us and the future. When I finished I turned to him and saw the look on his face I can’t even describe, but as soon as I saw his face and he started talking and said I needed to stand up because he had a question to ask me I about fainted I was so off guard. I blanked on anything he said while on his knee except for the “Will you Marry me?”

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I think I koala clung to him at this point when he asked if I had seen the ring, holy camoly. Absolutely was beautiful and he put it on my hand.

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So actually we had a quick engagement and just got married and he is perfection.

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God is so good and the best is yet to come!

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