Rayshelle and David

Image 1 of Rayshelle and David

How We Met

Our love story began online. On the dating app Bumble to be exact. I had just about had enough with all the swiping the online dating world had to offer. I was going to give up..for the umpteenth time, when I came across David’s profile. I thought David was cute and decided to swipe right. Immediately we matched up and began talking. I soon found out that he had recently arrived to Connecticut from Oregon. He hadn’t planned on being in Connecticut long, but soon found a reason to stay :). Our first date was at Starbucks in West Hartford. I was so nervous that I ordered my drink wrong! David likes to joke that I was “walking fast” ahead of him because I was so nervous. I insist it was because I have long strides. The debate still goes on today :) one date turned into two and the rest was history!

How They Asked

We were engaged on Friday March 13th, 2020. It was a Friday night after a long week of work. David insisted that we order Chinese food from our favorite place out in West Hartford. “Chinese food Fridays” had been a long standing tradition we had established when I was living in West Hartford. It had been a while since we had ordered from that restaurant though. We ran a few errands then headed to pick up the food. David said he wanted to go to Starbucks since it would be a while until the food was ready. I was confused and wondered why he wanted coffee at 6pm. I said it was too late for coffee and we headed to pick up our food. We arrived home to eat. After dinner I began making brownies for a St. Patrick’s Day party we were attending the next day. Mid stir, David calls for me from our room. I rushed in only to see a very nervous David standing before me. Anxious thoughts flooded my mind. Then I looked next to David’s head and saw a spider crawling from the ceiling!! David quickly jumped into action and took care of the spider. Still nervous, he turned back to me with a ring box. He kneels down on his knee and says, ” I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” I began to tear up and said, “Are you serious?” about 1000 times before saying “YES!” After things calmed down David said

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he had planned to propose at the Starbucks in West Hartford where we had first met. Oops! ;) we are very happy with how things turned out. It didn’t matter where the proposal had taken place, just that it had and it was perfect!