Rayna and Lonnie

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It all started from hello. 2 years ago I met a man that would change my life for ever! He showed me love, respect and was the perfect gentlemen! When I looked at the future I knew he was it. We planned on taking a vacation soon after but never got around to booking it. Well one day he looks at me an tells me were going to the travel agent to book our trip! I was so excited! (Little did I know that was only the beginning ) We arrived in Punta cana in the Dominican republic on May 1 2015 later in the evening. From the second we stepped foot on to our resort I knew this week would be special! We put our stuff in our rooms, changed quickly then headed to the beach! ( our favorite place ). He began sweeping me off my feet with complaments and cute gestures. He grabbed my hand and we slowly danced to the music playing in back ground. I looked back for one second turned around and he was on one knee!!! Of course I instantly start crying. He looked up at me with his adorable smile and said ” I love you much and have snice the day I saw you, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, so will you?” I dropped into the sand and cried YES!! The rest of the week was a dream come true and I’m so happy and blessed to say I WILL spend the rest of my life with my soulmate, best friend and husband!!

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