Rayna and James

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How We Met

We met when he came into a pizza place I was worked at. He and his co-worker came in and ordered a pizza to go and sat to wait for it. I was thinking the whole time how cute I thought he was and then when they came up to pay his friend said “my buddy thinks you’re cute” then proceed to abruptly turn around and walk out leaving me with my co-workers behind me and him on the other side of the counter.

Rayna and James's Engagement in New Smyrna Beach

He says “yes I think you’re really you pretty” (I got very nervous and awkward) and respond with a flat “thanks” to what he responds “well I tried” and turned around and walked out. After he left I said to my co-worker said “why didn’t say anything else? I got nervous and shot him down. I thought he was cute too!” “I just let they love of my life walk out the door!” I thought about running out to his car and giving him my number or something but I didn’t… Now skip ahead 6 months… I went with a different co-worker out to a local pool place.

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When I saw him playing pool with his friends I knew that I knew him but I couldn’t figure out how. So I did what any normal person would do and started staring at him when he wasn’t looking racking my brain to try and place him. But I couldn’t figure it out. He walked past me a little while later and I blurted out “HOW DO I KNOW YOU?!”

Engagement Proposal Ideas in New Smyrna Beach

He said “I’m not sure my name is James” and I said “I don’t recognize that name, I guess I don’t know you” but throughout the evening we kept talking and his friends started talking to me and my friend and before I left he asked for my number and I gave him it. The next day he texted me that it was nice to meet me and I replied it was nice to meet him and that I really had thought I knew him somehow maybe he had just come into my work before or something. He asked where I worked and when I told him he said “oh my gosh that was you” and then it clicked for me as well.

Rayna's Proposal in New Smyrna Beach

And from that day forward there hasn’t been a day go by in the past 4 and a half years that we haven’t talked.

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How They Asked

We went to go have family dinner at his aunt and uncle’s house nothing out of the ordinary. They live across from the beach and on the way there I told James I wanted to pick up some shells on the beach to bring back to my Nana who is 100 and loves the beach.

He said okay and we went and hung out at his ant and uncles swam in the pool and hung out just relaxing. Later in the afternoon almost evening, I asked if he wanted to go down to the beach yet and he said yes. We went for a nice walk down my favorite beach collecting shells.

On the way back I saw a bottle on the edge of the dunes and said that looks like a message in a bottle (completely unknowing) He said yea why don’t you read it. I was joking saying how it was probably a message from someone stuck on an Island and I wouldn’t know how to help them etc. (I still had no idea what was happening) When I opened the letter and read my name at the top I just burst into tears because I all the sudden knew what was happening.

Then we walked back up over the dues and all of my friends and his family were across the street waiting. I had no clue that anyone was going to be there beside his aunts and uncles. After it happened I recalled about 10 different things that happened that I should have caught onto but I didn’t and it was just such a wonderful day.

Special Thanks

Lauren Benson
 | Photographer