Raymond and Annemarie

how they asked

My boyfriend proposed to me at the beach. I gave him several hints over the past years and has send him for example many pictures of engagement rings. Just a few weeks before the proposal we have been to Nice (France) and he said well this is not the moment to propose. We walked through the city center and there was sale at a jewelry. I pushed him into the store and told him to buy a ring. He denied and i was disappointed. .

On the first of August, we came home from a short holiday with family. He arranged a photographer but at 12.00, he received a call from the photographer who was sick. His plan to set up the proposal with a photographer did not came out. I was home and did not know what he was doing when he went away with a vage reason. At that time he was trying to arrange a new photographer. When he came home, he forced me to arrange a time to make an appointment for a restaurant, something we never do. We went to the beach by scooter and i felt in his pocket, where the ring was placed. When we arrived at the beach, a new photographer was waiting for us (i had no idea at all) and followed us at the beach. At some point he asked me to to marry him. For the first 30 minutes i was in shock. It was the best day of my life.

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