Raygin and Brenden

How We Met

We used to work together at Gordmans. Everytime we worked a shift together, he would always make a reason to come see me in my area or help in my area. Even when he didn’t work, he was up at the store talking to me. Soon after, he asked me over for dinner. The rest is beautiful history.

how they asked

November of 2015 was a big deal to our relationship because that’s when we hit the 3 year mark of being together. We have always talked about doing couple pictures because we literally had no actual pictures printed, just instagram and facebook. We decided on a day, November 15, 2015, to take pictures. My best friend, who is the photographer, came over to help put outfits together the night before. We got up in the morning and drove to Cadron Settlement Park. It was a beautiful day, which was good because the day before it was a rainy one. We took quite a few pictures with different outfits. As we walked around, I noticed that there was a fenced off area and I wanted to go see what it was. He took that opportunity to place a speaker behind a tree and play one if Adele’s songs. When I heard it playing, I was confused. Then he stated how much he loved me and wanted to spend forever with me. My heart was pounding. He dropped down to one knee and pulled out a beautiful ring. All the while my brother and best friend caught it all on video and camera. We took more pictures to capture our excitement. I’m so happy that he planned the surprise engagement!!!!

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