Raychel and Paul

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How We Met

Everything that happens in this world happens at the time God chooses.” Ecclesiastes 3:1-15 This quote speaks so accurately to how Paul and I connected. I was wanting to play soccer so badly after I got out of high school, and there were no club teams for me to play on at the time. Well, my little sister was playing for her middle school team and i happened to know her soccer coach. She was leaving for Virginia and asked if i wanted to take her spot on the co-ed soccer team at 422 sports complex. I said yes of course not ever expecting I would meet the love of my life there. When I showed up that Monday for soccer Paul didn’t show up. It wasn’t until the next Monday that I laid eyes on the sweetest guy in my life. Yes, I am talking about Paul, and at that time everyone called him “PJ”. Anyways, to get started on our journey he asked me out on our first date. Go-karting was out first date, and let me tell you what a great date it was. He was a fun date that’s for sure. After go-karting ended he took me back home. I embarrassed myself by giving him a hand-shake when he went to kiss me goodnight….for those of you who really know me I’m a goof at times. Paul never let me live that down, but it has definitely remained a good memory. Finally, came December 2014, and that is when Paul and I first became exclusive. When I say I am the luckiest girl in the world for meeting Paul I truly mean it. I have the most incredible guy in this world who treats me like a girl should be treated. Over the course of our relationship we have only become stronger, but we are best friends and that is something i treasure. I love Paul because he is humble, caring, courageous, fun, and loving. From the first time we said “I love you” I have only fallen deeper in love with him everyday.

how they asked

Now, for the engagement part of my story. I know…I know…you guys are all dying to hear how our engagement went down. Well, I am going to tell you. For those of you who do know where we got engaged it was in Ireland…yes Ireland! Agh! Words cannot describe just how beautiful Ireland truly was, and I will always get to treasure this place because I was luckily enough to get proposed to here. I will start with the morning of the day my life was going to change. We got up, and ventured out for a day of sight seeing. Paul had somehow managed to get the ring box into his coat without Ms. Oblivious seeing…yes me. Well, he happened to pick the most beautiful place. St. Stephens Green in Dublin, Ireland.

Paul took me up to this little secluded spot, and I was captivated by the beauty this place brought. As Paul and I talked he told me about all the things he loves about me, and how he can’t see his life without me. It was then I watched Paul get on one knee, and ask me to Marry Him! I started to cry with tears of joy, and I was completely shocked. I couldn’t believe the love of my life asked me to marry him. That day will forever hold a special place in my heart, and so will the day when I get to be his wife. I am not done with the engagement though. Mr. and Mrs Brady, Paul, and I all went to the bar called “The Bleeding Horse” after the proposal, and Mrs. Brady handed me a sealed envelope, and a box. When I opened the box there was an Alex and Ani bracelet that had “sister” on it. I started the water works right then and there. Rachael, Taylor, Colleen, Erin, and Kieger were going to become my siblings, and I there sister. Words can not describe how truly blessed I am to now have 5 sisters, and 2 brothers. I love them with all of my heart.

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Now for the letters which each of them had wrote me an individual letter to me after the proposal. Let me tell you I could hardly see because of the the tears of happiness. Those letters I will cherish forever! I am so grateful for the Father and Mother I am gaining as well. Mr. and Mrs. Brady are such wonderful people, and I am so blessed to be becoming a part of their wonderful family. After I opened the letters, and bracelet I called my parents. As I told my Dad because he has answered the phone first little did I know Paul had already formerly asked him for my hand in marriage. I started to cry has I heard him start to tear up over the phone. “Dad, I know it was hard for you to let your little girl go, but just know I will always be your little girl, and you will always be the first man I loved.” Then came my mom who of course started to cry, and make me cry even harder, but she was so over joyed for us. She loved Paul from the first time she met him! Who wouldn’t? lol. “Mom I know it is hard for you to see your little girl grow up, but just know I will always be your little girl. You’re my best friend, and I will always be here.” I can say I truly have spectacular parents. Also, I have a great brother and sister who were so overjoyed to for the proposal! Thanks to everyone who read this, and to everyone who will be attending Paul IV and my wedding on October, 20, 2018.

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