Raychel and Manny

How We Met

I grew up in small town called Keystone Heights Florida, about an hour from Ocala Florida and in order to have a good time you had to drive 20 mins to Gainesville Florida. I was home for college for the weekend and although I did not like going out my two friends I still kept in touch with from high school did, they begged me to go out to Ocala Florida to go to a country club in Cowboys. I fell in love with line dancing and was immediately offered a job to be a promo, my only job was to be friendly and get people on the dance floor. Well it made sense to take the job as I knew on the weekends I knew I would end up their anyways, might as well get paid doing it. So that began, and only a few weeks later Ocala cowboys bought out a huge building in Gainesville that would become a cowboys as well…opening night came and they needed full staff to work. I begged to get out of it, i did not want to see everyone I had went to high school with! My friends promised me they would be there and convinced me to working begging to see me dance. So I and a girl I worked with from Ocala named Taylor loaded up and headed to Gainesville, it was PACKED! I had yet to spot anyone that really caught my eye… 11:30 rolls around and Taylor and I are doing our signature dance when Manny and his two roommates coming rolling in. I couldn’t take my eyes off him! He walks up to Taylor and says hello and gives her a hug, Taylor introduces me and Manny shakes my hands and then they head to the bar immediately I look at Taylor and demand to tell me more about him! Taylor starts to when our DJ tells us to go help out the bar, me not even drinking myself can’t stand working at the bar so Taylor chooses to go. Taylor runs into Manny on the way and Manny stops her and says oh my gosh Raychel is gorgeous! instead of playing it cool Taylor responses laughing saying “that’s funny she thinks the same the about you!” Manny tells Taylor to take him to me and she says she will later. Well last call comes and they play slow songs at the end of the night. I sit out the first slow song hoping he would come over and ask, nothing! The next slow song comes on, I get looked at by my boss to not sit this song out so I get asked by a guy and accept we start to dance and all the sudden Manny taps the guy on the shoulder and says excuse me, and begins to slow dance with me. We dance and talk and it’s perfect, the song ends and the lights come on. He looks at me and says well where are you going now? I look confused and say “umm home? It’s 2 am?!” He responses “You should comeback to Ocala?” I immediately took that the wrong way and was turned off I said no and left. The next two weekends he harassed Taylor because I wouldn’t speak to him everytime I saw him. Taylor finally said she won’t talk to you because she’s not like that, and you asked her to go home. He explains “nooo! I just didn’t want the night to end, I wasn’t trying to take her home Ike that!!” He approaches me the next weekend and apologizes for how he came off he ask if he can make it up to me by having dinner, I reply no, then he said what about a movie, and I say what about lunch? He says “lunch? friends do lunch!!” I reply take it or leave it! We have lunch that Sunday and have been inseparable ever since.

how they asked

My birthday is August 2nd. Mannys birthday is August 14th. He asked what I’d like to do for my birthday, well I am in love with the beach so I said I do not care about really celebrating it I just want to spend the weekend at the beach. He said okay the weekend between our birthday we are going to Daytona I already spoke to your mom! Confused but very appreciated I was excited to go. On August 2nd the day of my birthday I wanted to celebrate with him and my dad since I knew my dad wouldn’t be able to come to the beach because work. I wake up and walk to the living room to see a crock pot and blender from my dad and Manny and they yell happy birthday! I try the best to fake an excited expression. Not that I was expecting a ring but a crock pot?!?! (Little did I know it was all to throw me off) Manny knew I wasn’t excited. The rest of the day went well! The weekend arrives and we pack our bags and head to Florida, on the way to Florida I apologize for not being appreciative about the kitchen accessories. He laughs and says it’s okay. We arrive in Daytona beach and I am so excited!! I greet my mom and siblings and hit the beach to get some sun! 3 o’clock rolls around, my favorite time to get sun… not so hot but still getting quality sun and then all of the sudden my sun goes away because my mom is standing in it, I open my eyes to see her above me and she says let’s go get our nails done! I say no I’m at the beach I don’t care about nails I want to enjoy the sun, Manny agrees with my mom to go! I finally am dragged to the nail salon where I tell my mom about Mannys terrible “practical” gift! She laughs and says I’m sorry! Were you expecting a ring I say no because I don’t think he’d ever do it on a date we would have to share, so I don’t know mom! We return back to the hotel room to start getting ready for dinner Manny has laid out the dress he wants me to wear and it’s a typical white beach dress I pack. We begin to get ready, the boys already ready mom sends them to go “hold reservations at the restaurant” Manny leaves and as I finish getting ready I realize everyone has left except me and my sister. I ask her where everyone is and she laughs and says waiting at the restaurant so I open the door rushing out and there I see clue number 1. The rest is in the video!

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