Ray and Will

How We Met

Will and I met when he started his own business and opened a business account at my place of work. At first, we only shared a few sparing conversations here and there but one of our recurring topics was fishing. I love fishing and had actually been a part of a local fishing club but had long since sold all my gear. When Will found out he decided to buy me a new fishing rod and take me to one of his favorite fishing spots. This trip is what separated us from just a work-relationship to a true friendship. I had recently moved to Oregon and hadn’t had the chance to really get out and explore and enjoy the outdoors.

I love to hike, kayak, camp and just get lost in the woods philosophically but since I wasn’t familiar with the area and was only use to dirt roads and cactus I was a bit trepidatious at just going out and exploring the vast forest that surrounded me. To Will, the forest is his backyard. He grew up in the middle of the woods with his family and lived off-the-grid where the land was his provider. He was able to introduce me to a whole other world through many hikes and adventures. Most days we would find ourselves lost on backroads deep in the mountains.

how they asked

I knew the day was coming….I just didn’t know the when or the how. He knew that I wanted the moment caught on camera but that is hard when your mom is the photographer. Pretty much anytime she’s around with the camera could be the moment. So she started hanging out more with her camera but nothing would happen…Christmas came and went…no ring, no proposal. The week in between New Years and Christmas my mom introduced me to an incredible photographer on Instagram that features owls. I would love to someday be a wildlife photographer so naturally, I was enthralled with his account. My mom then planned a hiking trip to the Little Niagara Falls under the pretense of finding owls to photograph.

I then asked her if we could include Will and she was not happy and somewhat irritated that she was losing her mother/daughter day to Will coming along for the hike. Little did I know that she and Will had already planned to meet along the hike for the proposal. I had stymied the plan by asking Will to join us…they had to reconvene and keep me in the dark. The day of the hike my mom acted super irritated that Will was joining us. She reluctantly agreed and I promised her that we would have another day for just her and me. I was very suspicious that morning and Will and my mom must’ve picked up on it.

I walked away for a moment and Will came up and told me “I don’t think your mom wants me here” Good thing I’m stubborn because I almost sent him home. We hike down a beautiful trail in the woods just as the sunlight was coming through the trees. The morning dew lent to the most amazing rays of light that welcomed us along our path to the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen. We made our way down to the water’s edge.

By then I knew because mom was trying to find the perfect spot…which was not easy! I don’t remember what he said. I know it was something sweet and he was shaking so bad…he got down on one knee and made me the happiest woman I could ever be. In just a few short months I will be the luckiest.

Special Thanks