Ray and Karen Patricia

How We Met

Karen and I worked in the same company in the Philippines. Our work allowed us to cross paths from time to time and our relationship began to deepen.

We had already been dating for three years and I have realized that it was already time to settle down. Over the course of our relationship, we had been traveling in and out of the country. She has been my travel buddy to various destinations in the world.

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How They Asked

I wanted my proposal to be in a romantic place which would truly be memorable. Of the destinations that I have narrowed to is Seoul, South Korea. Seoul has several ancient palaces and gardens which easily could be the place where I can pop the question. However, I decided to have it at Namsan Tower which has lovelocks that symbolize eternal love.

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Nov 27, 2015. The day has finally come to execute the plan. It was already sunset and Karen was busy preparing the padlock that we would mount on the tower. With the ring already in my back pocket, I set up my DSLR camera on the tripod. Karen thought that I was just taking photos but unknowing to her, the camera was already recording a video.

While sitting on the bench, I played a video montage on my mobile phone on all the trips that we had for the past three years. We are both fond of photography and I have fortunately captured our timeless memories. I spent several nights culling several photos then stringing them together to make a perfect video.

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When the video montage was over, I knelt on one knee and finally asked her to marry me. It was a resounding YES from her which made me the happiest man alive.

Two years after, we have finally tied the knot in a romantic wedding witnessed by our families and dearest friends.

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Here are videos of our prenup and the actual wedding.

We also now have a two-year-old boy in tow which makes our lives more meaningful. Our traveling party has already expanded.

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Our Video