Ray and José

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How We Met

My brother and I joined a gym named Bangkok Boxing back in 2011 and at the time, I had no intentions of picking up a boyfriend while looking like a sweaty mess. We started to make some friends in the classes and we would hang out a bit to talk after our workout and jiu-jitsu class.

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One day this new guy José joined the class & I just remembered looking at his cauliflower ears thinking “that’s different” (not knowing you get them from wrestling) and “wow he is cute!!” José and I didn’t talk much at first but I would glance over at him from time to time and I would see him watching me hit the bag while he was in the boxing ring. His roommate was our mutual friend so we all started talking in a group after class, then he and I would continue the conversation after everyone left. We started hanging out more and talking more on the phone until he officially asked me out on April 1st, 2012!!

How They Asked

I am a wedding florist with Stems Atlanta and I help set up weddings and do a styled shoot from time to time. About a month before the proposal, my boss told me we had a shoot at my favorite wedding venue, Pleasant Union Farms in Canton, Ga. She told me to dress up a bit that we were going to get a few pictures of us doing some of the detail work for a wedding setup. I was so excited

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I told José I was going clothes shopping to find something nice for the pictures. He came clothes shopping with me to look for a pretty top and the whole time, he didn’t show any signs of us picking out a shirt for our proposal. He was literally getting to pick what I wore to our proposal and I had no idea.

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I set my alarm the night before so I could get up do my nails and my makeup before I left. He still gave me no signs that today was the day he would pop the question. He was as cool as a cucumber! I took too long getting ready so I was rushing out the door. He told me to have a good day, that he loves me, and gave me a kiss like he always does. I came to find out later because I was running late and rushing out the door, I in turn was making him late to getting to the proposal!

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I met up with my coworker Sydney and we rode to the venue together just talking like it was just a normal workday. She called our boss telling her we were on the way. Heather asked for us to call her when we got close because she may want us to stop for coffee. This was the decoy plan to delay me if things were running behind! We ended up not needing to stop and Heather gave us the green light to come up and help finish setting up the “styled shoot” with her. It turns out it was because José was running a little late because I left late due to my primping- LOL.

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Sydney and I got to Pleasant Union and as soon as we get close to walking in, she tells me to go on in and that she needs to get something out of the car that she forgot. I walked into the big beautiful barn doors to see rose petals and candles on the floor. Being a florist doing a photoshoot it didn’t hit me until I saw the photographer Nikki (from Wild Honey Photography) pointing her camera right at me. Then my ears picked up our song “Honey Bee” by Blake Shelton playing and I caught a glimpse of all the photos of José and me down the aisle. My heart skipped a beat and I knew!

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I walked through the barn and out to the garden area behind the venue to find José waiting for me. He was standing in front of this wonderful honey bee-themed picnic set up by The Plaid Picnic Company with amazing flower arrangements by my lovely boss, Heather with Stems Atlanta!! He got down on one knee asked will you marry me and I said “YES!!” I was shaking with excitement but I held back tears so I didn’t mess up my makeup. He was holding the most beautiful ring he had custom made by a friend of mine on Etsy, Ji Ji @jewelrybyjiji. I totally did not plan it but my nail polish matched perfectly to the beautiful stone in the engagement ring.

It was a complete daze as we hugged and kissed. We enjoyed time laughing over the “styled shoot” story and really just soaked in each moment. I felt like I was living in a dream and it almost didn’t feel real! My mom even came up towards the end to congratulate us and we all shared the picnic together. It really couldn’t have been any sweeter!

We just hit 9 years on 4/1/2021 and he proposed 4/30/2021.

Everyone’s reaction … “Took y’all long enough!!”

Thank you sooo much

Heather @stemsatlanta & Sydney

Becky @pleasantunionfarm

Nikki @hi.itswildhoneyphoto

The team @theplaidpicniccompany

& JiJi @jewelrybyjiji

For making the day so wonderful!! I’m so excited to plan the big day and finally be Mrs. Medrano!

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Special Thanks

 | Photographer
The Plaid Picnic Company
 | Picnic Decor
Pleasant Union Farms
 | Becky, Venue Owner