Ray and Denise

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how we met

Denise and I actually met at work! I kept seeing this attractive woman periodically around the office. I remember thinking to myself, ” yeah right, she probably wouldn’t even acknowledge you, and definitely wouldn’t consider ever dating you! I just knew that I had to do something to get her attention, to make her interact with me!! DONUTS!!! That’s it! I will buy her donuts! So, every morning for about a week, I would put a small bag of donut holes on her desk.

She didn’t have an idea as to who was leaving donuts at her desk each morning, before she arrived to work. Finally towards the end of that week, I sent her an email asking if she enjoyed her donuts? She replied letting me know, that she had no idea who was leaving the donuts at her desk, but that she did appreciate the thoughtful gesture, and she also implied that I was trying to get her fat!

Finally, the back and forth emails led to me asking her out on a date. I knew she would be hesitant to go out with me, being that we worked together, and given our vast age difference. However, I remained consistent in pursuing an opportunity to take her out. I was thinking, all I needed was just ONE date and she would be mine! But she was thinking more of, “I’m going to give him his ONE date, and get him OUT of my way!” LOL! Well, it’s safe to say that we went on plenty more dates, after that first one! And, I look forward to dating her forever…

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how they asked

I had been planning this moment for some time now! Denise was under the impression that my sister’s boyfriend had won a free All-Inclusive trip for 2 to Cancun Mexico from his job, but that he would not be able to go. So, my sister explained this to Denise, and insisted that Denise join her on this “free” vacation! Denise was not about to turn down a “free” vacation!

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In reality it was not a free trip, it was all part of my plan to get Denise to Cancun without her knowing, that I also would be in Cancun to ask her to marry me! We even had her thinking, the camera crew was there to take photos and video as part of the free trip experience, and that the footage captured would be used for the company’s website!

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My intentions were to surprise her, and make this moment as special and memorable for her as possible! Basically, I just wanted to make her heart smile!

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Arturo Aguilar
 | photographer
Kenya Bates & Claudio
 | videographer