Raven and Tyler

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How We Met

Tyler and I met my freshman year of college at the University of Arkansas in a math course we were both enrolled in. After a few weeks of shameless flirting between us, a sorority sister of mine (also in our class) thought she would help move along the process for us both, by inviting Tyler and one of his fraternity brothers to a Halloween function as our dates. Her plan worked to say the least, Tyler and I dated for three and a half years throughout college.

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how they asked

Prior to graduation, Tyler got together with two of our best friends to plan a trip to New York City to propose a.k.a “celebrate graduation”. Because New York is one of our favorite places to travel, I was under the impression that this would just be a trip to relax and enjoy with friends. Little did I know that as we were exploring Central Park Tyler grew more and more anxious. He was breathing so heavily that I was worried that maybe something was wrong. In the meantime Tyler’s best friend (whom had never been to the city before) kept telling me to “look over here”,,,”look at that”. Pointing all over the park to distract me from my roommate giving Tyler the ring.

I just assumed since our friend had never seen Central Park before that he was just excited. Then as we came up to the overlook my roommate suggested we would take pictures. Before I knew it, Tyler got down on one knee and began to tell me how he felt when he first met me, what he wants our lives to look like together, how much he had always loved me and then he popped the big question, he asked me to be his wife!

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It was the most magical day of my life and I cannot wait to be Mrs. Washabaugh!

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