Raven and Josh

Image 1 of Raven and Josh

How We Met

I’m from southern California and my fiancé, Josh, is from Illinois. I moved to Indiana the year after I graduated high school. The following March I started with Amazon, where Josh had been working since November. He had brought up an interest in me with a mutual friend after seeing me around work one day. We work in very large warehouses so I thought it was sweet that I caught his eye. Coincidentally, I’d seen him around work as well and expressed a great interest in this handsome stranger. We spoke a few times and he asked me on a day that following week after work. He picked me up for our first date on the 6th of July and we’ve been inseparable ever since. Our relationship is so organic and natural and I love this man with all of my being. We’ve since moved across the country together and this is just the beginning of our many adventures to come.

how they asked

Our engagement is a little out of the ordinary. You see, it wasn’t a complete surprise. We’d been very open from the beginning in our relationship about what we wanted and where we ultimately wanted to end up. We’d talked about getting married. It was nice to not have as much pressure on us about “the big question.” He’d told his family when and how he was going to propose, which accidentally was exposed while on speaker phone. I thought the whole thing was hilarious, but he did not reciprocate those feelings. I told him that he could ask me while in a fast food drive thru and it’d be special all the same. It’s not about how you ask but what you’re asking, to be together for always. He purchased a ring not long after that and hid it in our apartment…I’ll admit I looked for it. Then on March 11th, I decided to leave work early. I called Josh and we talked the entire drive home.

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Apparently on my way home he decided he was going to pop the question. I told him I was home and he came out to meet me. We went inside and when I turned back around to give him a hug he started to kneel. I, being myself, thought he was kidding (Josh is always the tease) and played it off and went into the bedroom. He came in behind me, grabbed my hand and I asked if he was serious. He was. He asked me then, if I would marry him. I burst with excitement and hugged him for all of five minutes before I, of course, said yes. I had never felt that type of joy in my life. The whole thing is still so new and almost surreal. I am going to be with my favorite person for the rest of our lives and I cannot contain the emotions that brings out.

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