Raven and Antonio

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Florida

How We Met

“Look at that scoreboard.” Were the first words Antonio ever spoke to me because earlier that week we had a keyboard conversation on MySpace (thanks Tom) where we made a bet on our rival high school football game. Antonio said that if his school beat mine, then I had to go on a date with him. I knew him as the cute but serious boy who worked out all the time, and he knew me as the pastor’s daughter who liked to sneak into his schools’ dances. Honestly, I don’t remember if which team ended up winning, but I do remember we scheduled our first “date”, and many more after.

We dated in high school, on and off through college and post college. In 2015, Antonio moved to Florida and persuaded me to take a teaching job in the Sunshine State. I made the move in 2016 and had no idea how much we’d grow in faith, love and adventure.

Although we are high school sweethearts, we learn new things about each other constantly. For example, I never knew until a few years ago that he slaughters my freshly baked cakes like a madman by cutting into the middle instead of slicing the corners neatly. Also, he learned that I read thriller novels a lot…like, up until 3am on a work night because I have to finish “one more chapter” a lot. But one thing we knew from the beginning and continue to keep our center is God, and He is the reason we are getting ready to have a love party, I mean a wedding!

Proposal Ideas Florida

How They Asked

I came home from work and just wanted to pass out on the couch with Netflix playing softly in the background. But, Antonio had other plans and when I opened the door he was ready to push me back out. He suggested that we go to a local pier and watch the sunset. It wasn’t an out of the ordinary suggestion because occasionally we like to hang out around the city and watch the sunset. So, I agreed to go as long as we could stop at chic-fil-a on the way because I was starving. So, once we got to the pier we parked and ate our romantic dinner in the car before walking to the pier. I noticed he didn’t finish eating his chicken sandwich…and that man always finishes his chicken sandwich so I was instantly suspicious. He also kept checking his pockets and saying that he wanted to make sure he had his wallet. Again, I was suspicious because the last thing he needs on the pier to watch the sunset is his wallet. (Later I found out he was just nervously checking on the ring box).

As I was finishing my sandwich it started to drizzle and I suggested we head back home, but he tried to convince me that it’d go away soon. We walked up the pier, and I jokingly played a Chris Brown song on my phone because the whole situation was so intimate thanks to the rain drizzles. Once we got to the dock, Antonio started saying so many sweet things about our relationship I instantly felt excited but told myself to calm down. He then pulled out a note that I had written for him a few years prior, about the expectation I had for us in love and life. In his excitement and adorableness, he went down on one knee too quickly and banged it a bit before he asked, “will you marry me?” I was laughing and crying as I unmistakably said yes! It felt like the moment we hugged; the rain went from drizzle to downpour. As we were running to get out of the rain, I remember thinking two things: 1. Did this pier suddenly get 500 feet longer? 2. Rain is romantic, but this sudden rainstorm is hilarious.

Once we finally made it back to the car, I laughed, marveled at the ring, hugged & kissed Antonio, then marveled at the ring some more. We ended up going back to the pier the next day to get our Instagram worthy photo, and I must say that the pier was way more crowded so I appreciate the rain drizzle that gave us some privacy during the proposal, and something to always laugh about when sharing How He Asked.

Special Thanks

Samantha Lowe
 | Photographer