Ravayna and Billy

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How We Met

Billy & I met 10 years ago at our work Christmas party, I was 16 and he was 17. I instantly fell in love with him (not so sure about him haha) and I remember telling my best friend I want to marry this guy. I had this major obsession with his eyes. We were just friends, and we both ended up going to uni together. Unfortunately, I moved to the country to study and we both ended up parting our own ways. We both moved on but remained in small contact. Towards my final years of uni, our friendship then rekindled to a little more than just friends. I went to America with my friends when I was 21 and Billy was going to Greece, however, we both decided to enjoy our holidays as friends, and come back to Melbourne and see where things take us. Three days into my trip, I received a snap chat from Billy saying, “I love you”.

I remember I was in a lift with my bestfriend and just cried with happiness, I thought this guy I have loved since I was 16 feels the same. We both came back, and Billy then decided to plan a cute dinner, I remember he was so nervous, he then took me to the Lui Bar and asked me out, and the rest is just history. 4.5 years later I am now marrying my first love, and I couldn’t be happier.

How They Asked

A week after our birthdays, as we are a day apart, our families had planned a family lunch with both sets of parents. I really didn’t think anything of it and didn’t think he would propose. I got in the car and instead of making our way to lunch, we were heading over to Victoria Gardens.

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I started messaging my best friend “Jess I think billy is going to propose”. The whole car ride I felt sick, I had a sore stomach, and a gut feeling that today was the day. I saw him standing outside looking extremely handsome, he grabbed my hands and told me to come with him. I saw a photographer sneaking some shots through the tree, and I was thinking Oh my Goodness it’s happening, I burst into tears, and could not stop crying. The man I loved from such a young age, was finally asking me to Marry him. He had the most stunning setup, and we were surrounded by our beautiful families in which I had always wanted them to be a part of. He then asked me to marry him and of course, I kicked him and said ‘ Come on get up now, yes yes I will marry you”!

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Image 4 of Ravayna and Billy

We then went to a beautiful lunch to celebrate, and the day ended so well. I woke up the next morning looked at the ring, stared at it, and could not believe what happened the day before. I am still in shock, but it was a day I will forever remember, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

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