Ravali and Anish

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How We Met

As I was taking a Lactaid pill before eating ice cream…

-Anish: “Are you lactose intolerant?”

-Me: “No I just like to take it for fun.”

This is how our story began in Anish’s NYC apartment (thanks to Haritha) one fine summer day of 2018. At first, I thought Anish was pretty cute, but maybe kind of slow? Anish, on the other hand, thought she was pretty, but very sassy! Nonetheless, we began to chat on Facebook messenger a week later, and knew that there was something special from the start. For the next two years, we traveled back and forth from NYC to STL, had hours and hours of FaceTime dates, and supported each other endlessly to create our love story <3

For the record, I now know Anish isn’t slow and Anish knows that I am…still sassy ;)

How They Asked

If you’ve found who you’re looking for, why wait? That was the question Anish asked himself at the beginning of 2020. Without a second thought, he began planning his surprise proposal to Ravali to be held in the spring in St. Louis, but unfortunately, COVID put those plans on hold until August. Still, even if the weather was warmer than he wanted, the surprise went off without a hitch and the newly-engaged couple, their family, and friends were able to gather at Chandler Hill Vineyards on a beautiful summer day. Now, with the simple question finally asked and answered, Anish & Ravali could begin planning their (her) fairytale wedding for the following year!

Image 2 of Ravali and Anish

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