Rashida and Joseph

How we met: We both met in Kindergarten, had the same teachers up until fifth grade when I left to a different school. Before I left to a different school, I wrote him a letter in fifth grade telling him how much I was going to miss him and how I would always love him like a brother (so awkward), also asking him to never throw away the letter.

Image 1 of Rashida and Joseph

We lost contact from fifth grade until senior year in high school and reconnected through social network. I had completely forgot about the letter and he told me shortly after reconnecting that he had saved it. I asked him, “Why did you save that weirdo?” He replied, “Because you told me to never throw it away, so I didn’t. Throughout that time, he always tried to take me on dates but it was always the wrong timing. For about 2 years after being reconnected, we remained friends but never went on a date. One day, he invited me to church and I was finally at a point in my life where I was open to hanging out with and possibly going out on a date with him. My first time hanging out with him since we were children and he decides to look at me in church and tell me, “I hope you know you’re going to be my wife one day. God told me so.” I thought he was absolutely crazy, until about two months later when I was absolutely head over heels for him. A year and a half later from dating, we became engaged.

how they asked:On Saturday July 12, 2014, my parents drove me to meet my soon to be fiance for a day date that he had asked my parents prior to if he could take me on. My parents played it off well and told me that they were going to be in the area and didn’t mind dropping me off to him to spend the day there. Finally after being with him, we first went to Ruby’s Shake Shack in Crystal Cove that was directly looking over the beach. We drove around for awhile after just looking at all the different areas. He decided to take me to Laguna Beach to sit at the Montage Resort and listen to music, share appetizers and drinks.

After sitting there awhile, he had told me we would need to be leaving soon that we were going to be meeting his sister and husband for dinner. We left the Montage and went about a mile away and went onto the beach to go meet up with his sister and husband, since they had been on the beach hanging out for the day (supposedly). We began walking down the beach and ended up in this secluded corner that had a huge picture frame filled with every picture we have ever taken together in it, rose petals and candles surround it.

Before I could comprehend why this was even there and turn to ask him, he was down on one knee. The exact words he said to me, I will never remember from how in awe and shock I was; other than him saying, “Rashida Anissa, for the last year and a half we have made so many memories together.” Later on we both realized I never fully said yes, I just shook my head yes so many times. Girls imagine what the day will be like for them that the man of their dreams proposes.

My dreams were more than I had ever imagined by having the man that God blessed me with after knowing each other since we were in kindergarten to be my future husband and the one who has taken on the role of a father for my son. I couldn’t be more blessed or happy with my life and the future I will have with this amazing man!

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