Rashena and Brandon

This was literally a last minute surprise proposal. I originally planned on doing a surprise proposal during our maternity photo shoot. But the night of December 9th I had a dream about being at a Christmas. I woke up thinking, well wouldn’t that be awesome if I can make arrangements to propose at a Christmas parade. The next day the Town of Lillington was having their Christmas parade that night. I immediately met with people in charge and asked if I could make this surprise engagement happen. They instantly loved the idea and put me in the parade. I got a banner made and shirt made all in the same day. The biggest challenge was getting her to go to the parade since it was very cold and on top of her being 33 weeks pregnant. I had some help from her grandmother to get her to the parade without her knowing what was about to happen that night. I got my best friend Elvin, his wife India, and a young man named Riley, whom which I work with his father to walk in the parade and hold the banner. They were the last ones in the line of the parade behind Santa. My soon to be fiance was standing by town hall. Once they got to where she was they turned and showed her the banner. I followed behind on the golf cart and came out. It worked out so beautifully. She had no idea what was going on.

Image 1 of Rashena and Brandon

Special Thanks

Elvin James
 | Holding Banner in Parade
India James
 | Holding Banner in Parade
Riley Dean
 | Holding Banner in Parade