Rashaun and Dampier

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How We Met: I met Dampier on Capitol Hill in Seattle during Macklemore’s video shoot for his White Walls music video. Earlier that day, I had received a text message from a friend that Macklemore would be performing at Dick’s Drive-In on Capitol Hill and that we should all meet up for drinks and head over to Broadway to watch the show later in the night. After a few drinks with friends, we headed over toward Dick’s, where thousands of Macklemore fans had congregated outside of the beloved Seattle hamburger joint.
My friend Jenn and I pushed our way through to the front row where the filming was taking place and situated ourselves, waiting for the filming to start. Minutes later, the guy to my right, Dampier, started chatting me up about Macklemore, where I worked, what I enjoyed, where I’ve traveled. The night went on and we danced to Macklemore in between our chatting. Toward the middle of the filming, my phone died and I was pouting about how I wasn’t able to photograph any of the filming. Insert Dampier smoothly asking for my number so that he could later text me pictures from the night (I still have yet to get them from him).
I had to quickly rush off at the end of the night because I was still working overnight shifts at my old job and didn’t want to be late. At 10 am the next morning, a text message came through from Dampier, explaining how much he enjoyed getting to know me and how he would really like to take me out on an actual date. I was surprised and shocked when the text came through since it was unexpected but had recently resigned to getting back out dating again and thought of it as a sign. We wasted no time and had our first official date that night over sushi and cocktails at Liberty, also on our beloved Capitol Hill. I was smitten after that first date and knew something was different right from the start.
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how they asked: Dampier and I had been dating for almost two years at this point and talks of marriage were fairly regular in our household; we had flown to California and chosen a ring together for what I assumed would be a much later proposal. Dampier is currently in his MBA program at the University of Washington and he had always made it clear that we wouldn’t get engaged during the school year and we wouldn’t get married until after he had graduated. Knowing this information, I figured the engagement was much further off.
On July 8th, I received a text from one of my best friends Charlotte that she needed my help assisting her with head shots for a magazine. Charlotte is a writer and often gets her picture taken, so at this point, it didn’t seem so odd to me. Then that Sunday, one of my other friends Liz, talked me into getting a manicure/pedicure because of a free deal she had received and at this point, things started to feel a little fishy. In my head, I knew he was proposing later in the year, so I kept pushing the thought out of my mind.
Fast forward to July 15th, 2015. I got off work early on this random Wednesday to get my hair and makeup done with Charlotte because she wanted to take some “friend” pictures after her head shot pictures. We met up with our friend Bryan, the photographer, and set off toward Discovery Park, one of the most beautiful parks in the greater Seattle area. We messed around at the top of the park, taking some picture of Charlotte and her dog Huckleberry. We also took some picture of both of us together.
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Charlotte them drove us down the hill to the waterfront and dropped both Bryan and I off to “scout for picture places.” At this point, I’m getting nervous and I’m still trying to push the idea of a proposal out of my head. Bryan set me up facing away from the water and took some picture of me while we waited for Charlotte. Time passes and all of a sudden Bryan says, “Wow that boat is getting really close.” I immediately knew what was happening and turned around to see Dampier on the front of a speed boat, bounding toward the coast with a handful of balloons.

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I was speechless, everything was kind of a blur at this point. I know he got off the boat, gave me the balloons, hugged and kissed me. I honestly can’t recall anything he said. Later, he told me how he said to me how much he loved me and how I’m the perfect woman for him, how he couldn’t see himself with anyone else because of how caring, crazy and compassionate I am toward others. He got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.
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That day, I said yes to the easiest question anyone has ever asked me and I look back on it with the fondest of memories. But wait, the day didn’t just end with a surprise proposal, after walking down the beach to the light house, I was met by my friends and family who had set up a gorgeous sunset picnic for our engagement. We had whiskey, champagne, cupcakes and of course Dick’s cheeseburgers to celebrate our new engagement. It was a perfect day, surrounded by all the people that mattered in my life supporting our new journey together, what more could a girl ask for?
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Photographer: Bryan Aulick
Engagement Coordinator: Charlotte Austin