Rashad and Juanita

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How We Met

Just a click away… little did Rashad and Juanita know that when they both decided to venture off into the online dating site world that they would find pure love. At first glance the dating site that they were on appeared to be a platform for meeting new people to date, but not for anything long term. So with intentions of meeting new people to date and socialize they continued to “play the field”. Both of them were entertaining the company of other individuals when they first made contact with one another. Rashad made the first attempt at contacting Juanita via, the message box on the dating site. The two of them would remain in sporadic contact with each other over the next two weeks, which started right before Thanksgiving of 2015. The communication between the two of them was very dry and unentertaining. Neither one of them took each other seriously, but little did they know that God had a plan for the both of them that would supersede their expectations for this dating site. It was disclosed later after their first date that although they did not talk to each other much through the dating site, they both went on to each other’s profile page numerous times to look at the pictures, because the profiles told very little about who they were.

See, God predestined this encounter from the first click or tap of the screen. At the tap of the screen to click Rashad’s profile, Juanita’s curiosity about this man sparked her interest in wanting to learn more about him when she saw that he had other social media sites listed on his profile, she decided to venture off to find out more about him. Juanita added him to the other social media sites and began her “investigation”. To Rashad’s surprise of Juanita’s friend request on the other social media sites, he quickly accepted her request, not knowing it was the same lady from the dating site. From there Juanita began her “investigation” into Rashad. She was interested in learning more about him, but was not in a rush to get to know him, because she was entertaining the company of others, until one day all that changed.

Juanita continued to walk in her calling of serving Gods people, while Rashad was just beginning his faith walk with God. It was unknown to Juanita that Rashad had just surrendered his life to God 5 days before their physical encounter. Due to his adverse upbringing and the unstable lifestyles Rashad was not active in the church, but was always obedient to God’s voice and always desiring to know about God. God knew that he would need a seasoned Woman of God to help him draw closer to Him.

Rashad and Juanita have a strong passion for music, which would be the link to bring them together. Juanita was posting music and on her social media site and it immediately captivated the attention of Rashad, which caused him to quickly respond to her music challenge. Now see, because Juanita had been actively serving God she knew that the bible says “Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you your heart’s desires (Psalms 37:4)” so she knew that God would provide someone for her that would be able to catch her attention with something she loves, she just did not know it would be through her love for music. From the start of them battling each other with music Rashad and Juanita’s relationship began to grow, unintentionally. Rashad and Juanita exchanged telephone numbers and began a four day long, 10 plus hours per day conversation, that would lead them to their first date on December 10, 2015. Within those four days of multiple conversations, Rashad and Juanita discovered that they had the same love languages and were compatible and they agreed on how to trust and communicative properly. The conversations also revealed that they had many similarities and that they had resided in many of the same areas geographically throughout their lifetime, and had never crossed paths.

December 10, 2015 was their first date. On that first date God showed his face and his presence about 15 minutes into the date and the conversation. In the middle of the conversation Rashad’s demeanor began to change and the look on his face was that of one being in a state of shock. Rashad quickly began to divulge the information that God was speaking with him about as they were talking. Rashad verbalized that God told him, “This is her, this your wife”. He starred at Juanita for a while before retreating to that bathroom. Juanita sat at the table thinking about what he had just revealed to her as and she waited for him to return.

God reminded Juanita of the story in Genesis 24, about the key factors that was revealed to the servant to help the servant to be able to determine the character tics of the wife- to- be for Isaac. The manner in which that was done in the bible is the same way Juanita prayed God would reveal her husband to be to her. Upon his return to the table Juanita noticed that his eyes were red as if he had been crying. She asked if he was ok and he said that God has never told him that about any woman, before in his lifetime. He also advised her that he told him that they would learn to love each other deeply, more than any person that they had loved in the past, and that we would wait to engage in any sexual relations until we are married. As Rashad spoke this Juanita began to praise God because the things being spoken were the same things that she had asked God to reveal to her from the man that he would send to be her husband (Genesis 24). Juanita also heard the voice of God saying to her “This is ok, you are safe, this is what I made, go with it”. Juanita revealed to Rashad what God had just spoke to her, and the two of them stood in agreement and the bible says that “if two of you agree here on earth concerning anything you ask ask, my Father in heaven will do it for you (Matthew 18:19).Because of their obedience and commitment to God he granted them the desires of their heart (Psalms 37:4), by presenting them to each other.

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how they asked

Because Rashad and Juanita believe in God, they did something that they had never done before, entered into a courtship with the intent to marry one hour into their first date. Learning to love each other deeply would be the goal of their journey from the moment they stood in agreement on what God had placed before them. Over a short period of time Rashad and Juanita met each other’s children and the children met each other and became inseparable. Rashad has three sons, ages 13, 11, and 10 and Juanita has four daughters ages 16, 14, 12, and 8. The blending and unification of this family was a match made in heaven. Because of the bonds amongst their family, the newly built relationships, and their investments made into each other, Rashad followed suit for Gods plans and surprised Juanita with a proposal on her birthday (January 18, 2016), at the top of Griffith observatory, a little over month after their first date.

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These priceless moments were secretly captured by Porterhouse LA by the photographer Zyaire. Juanita’s best friends aka her sisters were present and hiding to be a part of the surprise as well.

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On this day Rashad, Juanita and God smiled. Only God could have predicted this encounter, because it far supersedes anything they could have imagined. “Now all glory to God, who is able, though his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think (Ephesians 3:20).

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