Rasa and Deividas

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How We Met

2011 Summer I decided to leave my home country and prepared me for life in Germany. He was the brother of my sister’s best friend. So he was my “nanny” for the trip. He was on vacation in Lithuania and took me from there to Germany. Then we started to see each other every day. We spend so much time together and after 2 weeks we started to be a couple. He was my best friend from day one, I just had so much fun with him. I never meet such a humble gentleman as him. He treated me like a princess from day 1. And now we are 9 years together, got married and waiting for our firstborn to come ❤️

How They Asked

We were 8 years together and I really thought this day not gonna happen anymore. But….August 2019, It was a beautiful sunny day…We planned to do a Grill party with our Family at the Beach House of my (now) Husband’s Parents. I usually wearing everyday very stylish clothes, but this day I thought no, pink joggers are enough for a grill party. My husband picked me up from my parents and we drove together there. He had very nice clothes on, so I made fun of him, why he is so overdressed. (but really not even thought about engagement) so we went there together, we needed to help his mother with everything to make ready for the party.

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Before we started to get ready I asked my hubby if he can take pictures of me at the beach with my brand new camera. So we started to walk there. It’s about 3 minutes away from the house. All the way to the beach I saw quotes about love, hearts on the trees, but still not was thinking its for me. We came on the beach and he asked where I wanna take my pictures. I said, for me, does not matter where. So he said I know where is beautiful.!

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And took me to a wonderful place, who was decorated with hearts, roses, big love quotes, and champagne and then he asked me to be his wife😍it was amazing, the ring was shining so bright, the sun was shining and the view was amazing, no people over there just us. After a 45min or an hour, we decided to go back to the house and on the way came the musicians and started to play music all the way to the house. After we came, all our family members were there and we did a big engagement party. 🤗This year 2020 while Pandemic was the lucky one, we could get married in July at Santorini as a first couple while covid-19. I just can’t be happier with all that we experienced and for the opportunity to getting married in this difficult year.

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