Raquel and Travis

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How We Met

May 21, 2010, one of my best friends Kayla asked me to go to a bonfire. It was our freshman year of high school and I heard report cards were coming. I had a feeling I wasn’t doing too well in one of my classes so I told her I most likely wasn’t going out that night. I ended up getting home before the mail lady came and I grabbed my report card from the mailbox, hid it and went out with my friend.

We were at the party and Kayla had Travis in her science class the previous year so she was saying hello to him, introduced us and I told her I thought he was cute. A couple minutes later he asked me to take a walk and we got to know each other, ended up exchanging numbers and it turns out he was riding his quad with his friends and he wasn’t going to go but one of his friends really wanted him to, so he did. Thankfully we both ended up going to the party because ever since that day we talked all day every day for the next 2 weeks. We hung out over the weekends and on June 12, 2010, he asked me to be his girlfriend!

how they asked

My fiancé is a big outdoorsman. On September 30, 2017, he wanted to take one last ride on the quad before hunting season began on October 1st. We drive down to this creek and it starts down pouring on us so we ended up rushing back home. He took me out to lunch and the sky started clearing up. Once we got home he asked to go back on the quad for another ride.

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We went back to the creek I jumped off the quad and started taking pictures of the water and all of a sudden Travis calls me over and asked me ” what is that?”. I ran over and it looked like a deer antler that was partially covered, I went to hand it to him all excited cause I knew how much he loves antlers, he asked me what’s on the other side, I flipped it over and read ” Will You Marry Me?” and he got down on one knee !! <3

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