Raquel and Mike

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How We Met

We met about 4 years ago through mutual friends-and haven’t gotten enough of each other I am proud to admit that we are the couple that genuinely misses each other after 2 hours…We live together in Big Rock, Illinois and love our tuxedo cat named Bookie. We enjoy working on home projects together, landscaping, cooking, and trying new wineries and breweries!

how they asked

It was a relaxing Friday and I was working at home (the biggest reason that I was not expecting the proposal) because how could he pull something off when I was there the entire time!? We had moved date night from Thursday to Friday, per Mike’s suggestion, and I ran out to get my nails done a run errands around so that we could leave early for drinks before dinner! Little did I know that in the hour I was gone, Mike hid balloons in the garden shed behind the house, tucked a dozen roses (9 red, 3 white) in the closet under the stairs, and put the rose petals somewhere I wouldn’t find them. He arrived home around 12:30 so that we could have a late lunch together. He decided to work in the yard and clean the garage for the remainder of the day (I assume to make sure I didn’t find anything) while I was home. This didn’t seem odd to me because the yard needed winter prep and the garage needed organizing! At 4:30 we started getting ready to leave for drinks at a new brewery called Penrose Brewing Company and the then dinner at our favorite restaurant Villa Verone in Geneva, IL. We picked out hot date night outfits- consulting each other on what we should wear- smooched-and proceeded to head to the car. I did check his pocket for a box shape when we sat down because he opened the door for me to the car (which he does for date nights, but this felt different). No box. No idea what was coming next. We’re about to pull away and he said “I forgot my wallet”. Any woman can agree, this is a common thing. I waited patiently in the car for him to return, but instead he opened the front door, threw his hands in the air in defeat, and mouthed “can you help me?”. I got out of the car (a bit begrudgingly) to help him find it. As I opened the door to the house the lights were off and there he was standing next to a dozen roses, behind the trail of petals, in front of our dazzling tree. HOW DID HE PULL THIS OFF WITHOUT ME KNOWING (I’m rather nosy after-all) ? Well HE DID! He got down on one knee and recited 1/2 of what he wrote on the post-it note, promising that I could have it to read afterwards in case he forgot to recite it verbally in the moment! That post-it is getting it’s own frame! I said yes to the person I strive to be more like and yes to the most stunning ring I have ever seen. In a bliss filled cloud we drove to our destination and phoned my parents. I invited them to join us for a celebratory dinner that night- they agreed to hurry and meet us. Mike and I arrived at the brewery, tapped on the shoulder by a couple behind us, and greeted with a cheer of “CONGRATULATIONS!”- my Mom and Dad had known all along the plan and had been waiting to meet us at the brewery prior to dinner. Thank you Mike for making this the most memorable night of my life yet. You’re truly the best.

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