Raquel and Ivan

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How We Met

In 2014 my sister, Alejandra, started dating her now-husband, Eddie. During one of their first dates, they realized Eddie was friends with one of our mom’s friend’s son, Ivan. When Ale came home to share the realization they had, I asked for Eddie to introduce Ivan and I because I had a vague memory of him from when we were teenagers… My memory was that I, in typical teenage lingo thought he was hot. Eddie came through and invited Ivan out to celebrate my 22nd birthday. After that night, we hit it off and have been dating ever since that summer. Our moms were thrilled and actually, my first dinner at his house was with both of our parents. Talk about skipping 1,235 steps in between.

how they asked

For Memorial Day weekend I had planned to go to my cousin’s wedding in Paris, France. Ivan and I had decided I would go along with my family since it was a short 4 day trip to Europe, plus he had one of his friends bachelor parties in Vegas. On the Sunday of my trip, my family and I planned to do a picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower… little did I know Ivan would show up as a surprise to propose in Paris! While I thought he was partying in Vegas, he was actually on a plane to give me the surprise of a lifetime. He traveled from LAX to Paris for only 48hrs to propose to me in front of the Eiffel Tower. It was the most romantic, thoughtful, selfless gesture anyone has ever done for me.

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Special Thanks

Alejandra Alcala
 | My sister helped him surprise me at the tower while we were there and took amazing pictures for us !