Raquel and Isaac

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How We Met

Isaac and I met while playing college softball and baseball for Pasadena City College (2014). We were instant friends and quickly became best friends. It took about a year until we officially started seeing one another. We were a match made both on and off the field. Isaac was a pitcher for the baseball team and I was a catcher for the softball team.

Although our sports careers have come and gone, we are still each other’s biggest fan.

We have since gone on to graduate from Cal State Los Angeles together.

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Isaac is now a Hot Shot for the US Forest Service and serves in the Angeles National Forest region. I am a production assistant for Walt Disney Television Studios.

We both have very demanding jobs that keep us apart for long periods of time, but we built such a strong foundation over the years that we always know the moment we lay eyes on each other, every struggle becomes worth it.

Five years later, he asked me to be his wife.

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How They Asked

My now fiance managed to pull off the most incredible proposal. I had been wanting him to ask me to marry him from the moment we started dating, so I had a long time to imagine what this day might look like… Five years later I can easily say that he took my breath away and surpassed any idea I had in my head.

Isaac began working with Olivia Landau and her team over at @theclearcut to create the most beautiful ring I have ever seen back in March.

In September, Isaac whisked me away to the special town of Paso Robles, CA. This is where my family has had our vineyard for over 20 years. We could not stay at the property for construction was being done, or so I was told… We stayed at the beautiful Piccolo Hotel in downtown. On our second night there Isaac had bought me a dress and told me that he wanted to treat me to dinner at Il Cortile, one of our favorite restaurants in town. Isaac has the best taste, so I did not even suspect anything, as he often spoils me with crazy adventures.

After dinner he suggested we go take pictures on my family’s property in front of my tree I planted as a young child. This little desk tree was purchased at a grocery store at Christmas time and had no business growing into what it is today. I was a very persistent five-year-old and insisted on planting this tree on our property.

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When we arrived I came to find the floor underneath my tree covered in roses and lights twinkling from the branches. Isaac got down on one knee, pulled out the most beautiful ring, and asked me to be his wife at the most special place in the world to me. When we kissed our parents, grandparents and siblings ran out of the house to surprise us with champagne and cake on the terrace.

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Special Thanks

Staci and Michael Photo
 | Photographer
Olivia Landau
 | Ring Designer/Jeweler